Facebook doesn't feel that blatant death threats to Pres. Obama violate their "Community Standards"


are you kidding me

Yesterday I wrote this up: Please report this Facebook page: "We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him." Here are a few excerpts from that page:

We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him.

The authority to kill Obama comes from the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

I would be very surprised, if Obama does not leave Washington DC today (Nov. 19th) ...never to return, if he is not dead within the month.

Open Group   3,755 members

U.P.R.O.A.R. (United Patriots to Restore Our American Republic) is dedicated to empowering our members to TAKE ACTION to RESTORE America to a Constitutional Republic as intended by the ORIGINAL INTENT of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Declaration Of Independence enlightens us to the TRUTH that it is the DUTY of EVERY CITIZEN to throw off the bonds of tyranny and to institute a government that will protect our rights. Inherent in that duty is the responsibility to be EDUCATED citizens that know our rights and understand that in order to ensure the continuation of Liberty Patriots WILL be called on from time to time to do UGLY things to SECURE those rights to the people, where they belong.

Please go to that page and report it, because, despite Facebook's apparent apathy, if enough people show them we're paying attention, maybe that message will eventually get through their thick, corporate, who cares what you guys think skulls.

Here is the response many of us got from Team FacePalmBook today:

Support Dashboard

Here you'll find the status of content you've reported, inquiries or requests you've made, or your content that someone else reported.

We'll let you know if we need any information from you or when we've made a decision.


You reported United Patriots to Restore Our American Republic (UPROAR) for containing credible threat of violence.

Status This group wasn't removed
Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the group you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards.Note: If you have an issue with something in the group, be sure to report the content (ex: a photo), not the entire group. That way, your report will be more accurately reviewed.We understand you still may not want to see this group. Here are a few things you can do:
Report Date Yesterday
Reason Credible Threat of Violence

Give Feedback

Needless to say, I gave them feedback. I reminded them that credible threats to the President of the United States should be taken seriously, and that their security standards are exceedingly low.

I also informed them that in the past 24 hours since I tweeted about this vile site, a huge number of people felt it violated Facebook's (and America's) "Community Standards" so severely that they contacted the Secret Service and the FBI.

This is but one more reason why I detest Facebook and only use it when I must.

  • Beats me!

  • Daniel Kalban

    People have done nasty personal attacks to me.

    I've seen people post some of the most racist, anti-semetic, sexist, islamaphobic BS; and they don't remove the comments.

    WTF is WRONG with FB!?

  • mahilena

    typical conservative loser answer...hahaha

  • Larry Alger

    Crazy Folks... Crazy times results in Crazy Shit.....

  • "Threw?"

  • Had little RIC learned to read, he'd have read our guidelines. Banned.

  • 1. You're a troll, so you're banned.

    2. You're illiterate. But that"s not at all surprising. Most trolls are.

    3. Nobody here wished Bush dead. Go tell that to people who did.

    4. Buh bye now! Enjoy your ignorance!

  • RIC54

    You're so full of BS i can smell you threw the computer.

  • RIC54

    Complete set up to demonize a group of people.Same people on here cring are the same that wished Mr President Bush death bunch of hypocrites.

  • RIC54

    you are one big mouth BIH.

  • Okasis

    Thank you for the gift of yet another reason not to 'join' FB and befriend a bunch of people I either don't know, don't like, or can call if I want to talk to them...

  • Denise Painter

    You guys don't get it - we aren't Facebook's customer, we're Facebook's product. When we all decide to go on to the next big thing (just like we all did with MySpace), then Facebook will suddenly care what we all think. But as long as we're all living there virtually, they don't. Because they don't care what we think, they care what the advertisers think. THEY pay the bills.

  • gnarlyerik

    Facebook is no one's friend. Individuals are simple fodder for their profits mill and any individual's rights, opinions or protections are are completely irrelevant to Facebook's operations plan.

  • Dave Fouchey

    Facepalm Laffy.

  • Lmaris

    Maybe about the executives, but I doubt they care much about their employees.

  • loretta

    Psst--Facebook? Not a country.

  • loretta

    I think these posts should be allowed--to make it easer to round up OUR domestic terrorists. After all, one draws out the rest......they can't help it. They travel in packs because of their crushing insecurity.

  • Corey James

    You can bet that if someone made a similar post about Facebook employees, instead of President Obama, it would be removed immediately and reported to the police.

  • judy_jetson

    I complained, too. And again when I discovered FB doesn't intend to do anything. So I replied requesting they explain why it's okay to call for the assassination of the president. It really boggles the mind, but then FB allows videos of women being beheaded because... context!

  • Mister_Mean

    Clicked on the feed back. Hope that they are smart enough to recognize what group I was talking about and why.

  • sue4justice

    Good job here. I am so sick of FB refusing to act on complaints about posts and people on their site. It is obvious that Zuckerberg has lost control of any sense of fair play in his company. I always thought he was a cocky son of a bitch. Sorry but that is the truth.

  • lady liberal

    I hope they get the creep that posted that remark and sentence him/her to life imprisonment. Obama's lifespan that is.

  • Great comment!

  • Chernynkaya

    Great work--and so quickly too! It is now obvious that Facebook's "community standards" rival those of Darfur, Gomorrah, Ciudad Juarez, and the Ninth Circle of Hell. I hate that there is only Facebook for broad social media. I look forward to the day when someone other than a sociopath owns a huge social media site.