George Zimmerman destroyed iPad evidence, will not be charged with domestic violence


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Awhile back, George Zimmerman got into a little "tiff" with his ex during which time he was taken into custody after an incident with a gun... again. Apparently, the gun was never found.

Looks like Georgie skated... again. This time, because he destroyed his estranged wife Shellie's iPad, the video she took with that iPad of that incident was unable to be retrieved. His violent actions damaged the evidence beyond repair, so he's free to toddle along on his merry way.

The Orlando Sentinel has the story. Here are the bare bones:

Lake Mary police on Thursday announced that they could not salvage video from an iPad George Zimmerman tore up during a dispute with his estranged wife and thus he will face no domestic violence charges. [...]

Police on Thursday released their final 30-page report on what happened. It says they do not have enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman on a charge of domestic violence.

Shellie Zimmerman had video-recorded the altercation with her iPad, but George Zimmerman pried it open, tore it apart and threw it on the ground, something captured on a security camera at the house.

Police sent the parts to a computer expert with the U.S. Secret Service in Tulsa, Okla., hoping he'd be able to recover video, but the report released today makes clear that the damage was too extensive.

On the lighter side, a major advantage of having a Twitter pal like the wonderful Lalo Alcaraz (@LaloAlcaraz) is that he generously shares his work with us. And in a previous comic strip, Lalo zeroed in on Trayvon Martin's killer, the very same Gun-Toting George. As you may recall, Zimmerman's Criminal History Includes Alleged Violence and Temper (Audio and New Documents).

Lalo takes it from there:

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    Can't wait till someone shoots this SOB…and it's NOT on a stand your ground basis.