VIDEO-- White House take note: Daily Show's mock #Obamacare ads win the message war


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H/t Sarah Kliff at WaPo, who called this the "best-ever Obamacare ad." She's right.

My favorite parts were when Jason Jones's mockitude went right over conservative analyst Gina Loudon's empty little hypocritical head:

See, you are so much better than them at reducing complicated ideas into meaningless phrases. [He then called her condescending. She laughed and nodded in agreement.]

You know, normally I do these interviews and I just ironically nod and agree with whatever the person is saying, but, uh, I don't know if I can with that one. ... [bursts out laughing] No, I can't do it. I can't stay in character. That's just bulls**t.

But IMHO, the best moment was this exchange:

Smiley Face Loudon: When government is in your exam room, I have a problem with that. It's not the place of government! This is a private affair, obviously.

Jason Jones: It is a private affair. Just throwing this out here: Are you pro-choice?

[pregnant pause... no pun intended]

Smiley Face: Am I...? It depends on what issue you're talking about. I think the government should uphold the Constitution, which guarantees the right to life.

Jason: Okay, I get it. So it's, "Uncle Sam, stay the hell away from my vagina... until we want to do a certain thing with it, and then... get up all in my vagina.

Smiley Face then continues to grin blankly as she awkwardly turns her head to avert Jason's unflinching gaze.

Oh well. As embarrassingly contradictory as she was, at least her pasted-on smile was consistent.

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Incidentally, Obamacare Inspires Disney World To Give Full Employment To 427 Part-Time Workers.