Poll-itics-- Dep't. of Oy Vey: WI Gov. Scott Walker an early favorite for re-election (but not a lock)


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Seriously, Wisconsin, at this point, you get what you deserve if you don't get out the vote and defeat your should-have-been-recalled voter suppressing, privatizing, union busting governor.

This typifies the frustration so many of us are feeling from afar, watching this slo-mo train wreck happen before our own very eyes. Get your act together, Wisconsin Dems, or you have nobody to blame but yourselves if you don't get out the vote in a huge way and finally show Scotty the door.

Via WisPolitics:

Two prominent Wisconsin pollsters say Gov. Scott Walker, on the verge of his re-election bid, appears to have relatively stable poll numbers and the advantages of incumbency.

But Paul Maslin of FM3 and Charles Franklin of the Marquette Law School also told the audience at a WisPolitics.com luncheon this week that his advantage could change -- and not simply because Dems have yet to fully get behind a single candidate.

Maslin, a Madison-based Dem pollster, conceded Walker is the favorite with nearly 14 months before the 2014 election, noting he's already won his office twice.

But he also argued the guv is "absolutely" vulnerable on economic issues, saying he hasn't delivered on his 250,000 jobs pledge and that the state is largely underperforming in the Midwest.

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