George #Zimmerman or his estranged wife could face charges


george zimmerman held by police in fight with wifeVIDEO ADDED:

Yesterday I came across an eye-opening post at ALECexposed: George Zimmerman's Criminal History Includes Alleged Violence and Temper (Audio and New Documents).

He has quite a history:

Zimmerman... had actually been arrested on police allegations of thuggish behavior: for felony assault on a police officer and violent resisting of arrest.

Additionally, Zimmerman's former girlfriend also filed statements with a Florida court that alleged that he had refused to leave her home, taken her phone, and assaulted her, that he had previously hit her in her face, and that another time he had thrown her down on the bed despite her repeated objections.

There he is,  Mr. Law Abiding, the self-important neighborhood watchman and self-appointed killer of "suspicious" teens who open-carry Skittles and iced tea. Here are a few of the sub-headings in the ALECexposed piece:

  • Zimmerman's Response to a Police Request to Walk Away: "Fuck You"
  • Ex Alleged Other Acts of Violence by Zimmerman
  • Zimmerman Responded to Domestic Violence Injunction by Claiming Ex Attacked
  • Court Issued Injunction Barring Zimmerman and Ex from Contact

Since the murder trial, Zimmerman has been stopped by police on suspicion of speeding... twice. He was warned once and ticketed once. He also showed us his classy side by grinning in photos taken of him at the gun factory that created the pistol he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

And of course, once again, Trayvon Martin's killer is a hot topic because of accusations of violence and threats. You can read about those here: "Oops! Police: George Zimmerman taken into custody after incident with gun."

Via the L.A. Times, where you can also see a short video from which the screen grabs above were taken:

Police in Lake Mary Florida are expected to decide quickly whether to charge George Zimmerman, or his wife, Shellie, with domestic battery, police spokesman Zach Hudson told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

Officials could also decide to not charge either member of the estranged couple, he said.

This is definitely not over,” Hudson said. “Essentially, we are determining whether we charge on domestic battery” which he said carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

At a later televised news conference, Hudson told reporters that officials were also examining images recorded by Shellie on an iPad to help in the investigation. “We live in a video world, we live in an electronics age, and an iPad was being used to record the” events.

Per the Times piece, Shellie Zimmerman's version of events has changed, the police say they found no gun on George Zimmerman (key words: "On George Zimmerman"), witnesses claim they didn't see a gun, so "as of right now, a gun is not part of the equation."

If so, then why did Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney, say this?

At 1:50 "He was armed, the gun was holstered under his shirt and stayed there the whole time."

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