That’s Like The Blind Shooting Blind.


Blind ak-47

No matter how delicately or diplomatically I write this, I'll surely offend someone. But I’m going to try to be as delicate as possible. As I’ve written before, there’s a difference on intent and impact.

Here’s the issue – the Americans With Disabilities Act. The ADA was established as a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability. Yes! I back that 100%.

Or did. Until I heard that Iowa was issuing gun permits to blind folks. It's right here in the Des Moines Register:

The permits allow legally blind applicants to purchase weapons and carry them in public. Per state law, any attempt to deny an Iowan these rights based on physical ability would be illegal, reports the Des Moines Register.

Second amendment strict interpretationists claim this right is guaranteed under the constitution. No limits. But amazingly, the application for a permit to carry isn't available in Braille, so the applicants must rely on someone else filling it in  for them. But have no fear, they can shoot if they feel like it. Is some sort of connect missing here for you as well as for me? We're talking about walking in public armed. This is not a case of protecting one's home... and even then I'd have my suspicions.

Okay, take a step back. A gun is a lethal weapon. So is a car. You can’t get a license in Iowa to drive unless you pass a vision test. So why should you be able to point and shoot a gun if you can’t see what’s in front of you?

Here's how NEWSY has covered this situation:

Maybe it's time that we use logic over political correctness. I feel deeply for anyone with an affliction, infirmity or disability. I just think arming the blind could put more people at risk, including the blind gun holder of accidents, minor to fatal. Everyone deserves protection, but we were not all blessed with sight. And maybe we're not all blessed to have the right to a gun.