Fla. Attorney General reschedules execution to accommodate political fundraising event



Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Attorney General made a little scheduling boo-boo. Scott penciled in an execution for the very same night that his A.G. had planned a "hometown campaign kickoff" fundraiser.

oh noes

What a quandary! Imagine Scott's thought process: "Hmm... Do I kill someone? Or let my A.G. rake in some cash? Legalized murder? Or legal eagle moneymaker? What to do? What. To. Do!? Oh GAWD, I can't take the pressure!"

Quel dilemma. Of course, he made the obvious decision and went with the A.G.'s Big Bucks Bash.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

A "hometown campaign kickoff" at a waterfront home in Tampa for Attorney General Pam Bondi is scheduled for the same night that Gov. Rick Scott had once set as the execution date for Death Row inmate Marshall Lee Gore. The execution was moved to a later date at Bondi's request. 

Yes, Ricky Scott informed the Florida State Prison warden that he had to move the execution "at the request of the Attorney General." What Pam Bondi wants, Pam Bondi gets, apparently. Death Row Guy will just have to wait.

Priorities, priorities.

Of course, a spokeswoman for Bondi insists that the fundraiser was calendared before the execution was even a twinkle in the governor's eye.

yeah right