Move Over, Stand Your Ground, Here Comes The Bush Doctrine


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Okay, deep breath. Here goes. Florida – where else.

A man, Iraq war veteran William Woodward, goes over to his neighbor’s house and shoots three victims. All three victims were unarmed men. The results of the shooting is one dead, one on life support and not expected to survive, and a third, with 11 bullet holes in him – prognosis, questionable.

Woodward was taken into custody and questioned by police. His defense? Two pronged. One was the, oh-so-familiar “Stand Your Ground defense. We’ve seen that used successfully in Florida before.

George Zimmerman

Courtesy of WESH – TV, Channel 2:

In footage of Woodward's police interview obtained by Florida Today, the 43-year-old told authorities, "we've been tormented by these people for months."

"They've made my life a living hell and my wife, we can't go anywhere without an escort," Woodward said. "We can't let our kids go outside."

Mind you this time, the accused shooter and the victims were not even in the same location at the time leading up to the shooting. Woodward was at his house, next door, and just felt he and his parents had been harassed long enough by their neighbors. He loaded his gun, walked next door unannounced, and point-blank started firing away.

Upon his apprehension, Woodward lawyered up, as you would expect, and what came out next was even more amazing than Stand Your Ground. The lawyer, speaking for his client cited The Bush Doctrine.

Raw Story notes that "the defense also cited 'The Bush Doctrine,' a foreign policy principle used by President George W. Bush to justify the invasion of Iraq," based on the premise that doing so was an effort to prevent a future attack.

That GW Bush is the gift that keeps on giving. A screwed-up economy. A huge loss of jobs. An unpaid for war. An unjustified war. Continuing questions to this country’s credibility about Syria because of his lies, and now this. A defense for unprovoked killing.

What has this country come to when they use a lying, war criminal’s record as justification for murder? The Bush Doctrine. Imagine that!

  • Stacie McCall Whitaker

    Two of the three died. Gary Hembree (shot 17 times) died on scene, Roger Picior (shot twice) died in the hospital, and Bruce Blake (shot 11 times) survived after extensive surgery and therapies.

    And while Woodward claimed he was being harassed, please keep in mind that he was very much setting up his murder defense. He applied a military theme to his murders much as one might for a party.

    He dramatically, and unnecessarily crawled across the street and crouched in bushes as part of the show. (It was his own surveillance video, after all, that captured the murders.) He continued by telling the police that his "mission was complete." when they can to arrest him on scene. During interrogation, he repeatedly mentioned that he was a war veteran with a TBI caused while in combat in Iraq. (In truth, he fell from a ladder in Japan prior to going to Iraq and serving as a supply clerk. You know ... the guy who makes sure all the guys who really fight, have the proper protective gear.) He went on with the PTSD explanation for a year, until his attorneys came up with this. Why not stretch his military themed murder to include the Bush Doctrine? It only makes sense....