Liz Cheney, Fish-gate Scandal, A Whale Of A Tale



I'm sure we were waiting with baited breath (a little pun there, you'll see) what the final dispensation would be in the Liz Cheney Fish-gate scandal. (see, bait, fish -- okay, bad pun). Well, wait no longer. It seems that scam artist Liz Cheney, daughter of former number two, aka commander-in-abstentia, the grand George Bush puppeteer, Dick Cheney, pleaded guilty to lying on her fish and game application. She knowingly gave false information to qualify for a state license as a resident vs. non-resident.

So how much money is senate candidate Liz Cheney willing to lie for? Well, I'll do the math for you: A resident license costs $24, a nonresident one is a bit more pricey, $92. That's a difference of 68 bucks.

Oh, if you throw in the $220 fine (actually $180 fine and $40 court costs) plus the $24 she paid upon application when lying that she met residency requirements, this whole hullabaloo cost her a grand total of $312 (for a $92 license).

That's chicken feed compared to what her father lied for -- his Haliburton millions were in the 100's. Not to mention all of the human lives, men and women who died so he could stage a war to profiteer both personally and for his friends and business acquaintances.

Jackson Hole News & Guide reports:

She has said that she did not know one was required to live in Wyoming for the immediately previous 365 days to qualify as a resident.

Violation constitutes a high misdemeanor.

When asked about her signing a false statement, Ms. Cheney immediately took to her instinctive defensive posture and blamed the clerk.

She said she never told the clerk who sold the license she lived in the state for 10 years, although the clerk marked her application “10” under the category of years of residency.

The  old, blame it on someone else defense. I guess we're to believe that the clerk just made up the number of years, picking 10 as it was a round number.

Time will tell how well today's Liz and Dick do in the Wyoming senate race. Look for Halliburton to promise to put in some huge paramilitary complex should Cheney win the election. Nothing like a good incentive should those fine folks in Wyoming be seriously considering between her and incumbent Senator Mike Enzi.

It might actually be worth it to vote for her just to get her out of the state.