AUDIO: Limbaugh hopes "male millennials" will "take advantage" of "female millennials scared out of their panties"



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Listen to Rush Limbaugh wheeze his latest misogynistic shock-jockitude through his mouth-breathing face, via Media Matters:

Rush Limbaugh:

"The 24- and 25-year-old female millennials are scared out of their panties by me. And hopefully some male millennials are close by to take advantage of that when that happens."

No, Rush, they're not scared. They're repulsed.

So women voters, I have to ask: Does this guy really appeal to you?

Is this the vile, bottom-feeding spokesbeast who you choose to represent you?

Do you actually admire Limbaugh, support him, and "like" his Facebook page?

Do you share his wish for male millennials to "take advantage" of your daughters', nieces', granddaughters', and/or sisters' shed "panties"?

Is this the kind of message you want your daughters and sons to embrace?

If so, how very sad for you. You need as much help as he does.

  • Mark

    Just as a heads up to those readers on this blog. The Young Turks, a Current Tv show, attracts over 15.5 million views a month on YouTube, which makes Rush Limbaugh look like a deflated air balloon. Cenk Unger, admittedly Progressive, is a really good talking head. I'd encourage you guys to look it up and give it a look. Great show that is not afraid to defend some core values that benefit all Americans: civil liberties, peace, and transparency in government.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    My dad is 86 and listens to Rush. He becomes quite angry and confrontational about anything to do with our government and antagonistic toward people of a different ethnicity these days.
    I don't remember him being this way in his younger years.
    Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck are profiteers of hate and intolerance.

  • Mark

    As offensive as these comments were, this should be the least of our concerns when it comes to Limbaugh. Being a piggish fool is one thing, but spending a career hellbent on discounting, diminishing, and misinforming a MASSIVE audience of listeners on real issues important to our country is destructive to the healthy exchange of ideas in a free society. Notice how Limbaugh never does a panel show, or debates an opposite thinker? People like this should be rendered irrelevant. The best thing to do with Limbaugh is, ironically, to stop giving this little boy attention. In due time, we can all hope he just goes away.

  • Paddy

    My sis listens to him also, but sometimes I think she plays it up just to needle me. Her hubby subscribes to "NewsMax" too. What a piece fishwrap that thing is. Well, not fishwrap, the fish deserve better.

  • Sally

    My sister, who is 59 and has a degree, listens to this moron and says "Glenn Beck's predictions come true!" Honestly. I have two of them who are crazy conservatives, and I don't talk to them.

  • Linda1961

    My oldest daughter is 24 and is repulsed by Limpy, and she isn't scared of him.

  • Virginia Adams

    No one is afraid of him. Only sickened, grossed out and in total disbelief that he draws a salary and has people that actually listen to him.

  • Magginkat

    I can't stand to listen to that vile voice. Reading what he says is enough to gag a maggot.