Proof That Chris Christie Has Been Bought By The NRA


.50 caliber rifle

Gov. Chris Christie is a hypocrite. He speaks about about the need for gun safety, then he vetoes a bill that would have put some sane, common sense into his states laws. Paige Lavendar on HuffPo, reports on the veto.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) vetoed legislation on Friday that would have banned .50-caliber rifles from the state, despite backing the same proposal just months ago.

This sounds like another case of 'I was for it before I was against it.' But this time,you need to look at the governor's rationale. If it's sound, then why criticize? But if it's faulty, he's got to be called on it. So try this whopper Christie fashioned in his defense of his veto:

"Tellingly, the legislature points to no instance of this class of firearms being used by even a single criminal in New Jersey," he said. "The wide scope of this total ban, therefore, will not further public safety, but only interfere with lawful recreational pastimes."

Really Governor Mushmouth, no instance of this class of firearm being used by even a single criminal in New Jersey?" What part of your ass did you pull that out from?  I Googled "uses for .50 caliber rifles" and look what came up first:  VPC - the Violence Policy Center's article on criminal activity with the .50 caliber sniper rifle.

The first line of the article is a quote:

"The simple fact is that .50-calibers have not been used in crimes,"
NRA spokesman Andrew Arulandam, Associated Press, August 18, 2004

Sound familiar? Now we know where you're getting your talking points. The NRA. Are you in their hip pocket?

The article on .50 caliber sniper crimes goes on to list many crimes and murders committed using this very classification of weapon. Read it. You'll learn something, Governor Head-Up-Your-A**.

And as for your defense of your veto, you refer to lawful recreational pastimes. How interesting that few of the articles talk or indicate a recreational use. They all describe the weapon's in terms military or sniper purposes. So what kind of lawful uses are you thinking this weapon has?

Why did you this spring, recommend the banning of this killing machine? Again, from Lavendar's article:

In April 2013, Christie recommended banning the sale of Barrett .50-caliber semi-automatic sniper rifles as part of a group of proposals to curb gun violence. On Friday, Christie said the ban wouldn't make the Garden State any more safe, according to Reuters.

So what happened between April and now? How much money did the NRA promise you? What did you promise them in return -- this veto? This is mighty suspicious because you're not just vetoing a bill, you're vetoing a bill you recommended on your own. There was no .50 caliber sniper's rifle pointed at your head when you went public with your thoughts.

You, like Rickie Ricardo, have some 'splainin' to do.

Take a look at the size of these bullets. In case you didn't know, the largest one here is the .50 caliber. On the other end is the .22.

.50 caliber bullets

You're either a idiot which I don't believe, or you're on the take. And I do believe that. Whether it's cash or the NRA's backing you're getting, you're hurting New Jersey and everyone nationwide who believes in you. Your credibility is going down the toilet.

The only part of Sandy Hook that touches you is the 'Sandy' part -- Hurricane Sandy. Money. I'm calling you out: Betrayer!

  • Carol Katona

    I never read such a bunch of hogwash in my life, and it has been a long one. Somebody needs serious psych meds.

  • interstellar

    Mexico... Good thing we have Eric Holder sending dangerous weapons to the drug cartels down there, and our loose immigration policy allows gangs like MS13 and others to steal weapons from military armories.

  • interstellar

    Christie would never be bought by the NRA. We are lucky that the NRA even knows New Jersey exists. Fact is, other than Scott Bach and ANJRPC, New Jersey is so off the NRA's radar we might as well be another country.

  • BobZilla888

    The very first sentence in this article is a lie. Gov. Christie never called for "gun safety" bills. Gov. Christie called for bills that would address the root causes of crime committed with guns. The NJ legislature completely missed the target, which is not a surprise, because they weren't interested in it in the first place. They saw this as an opportunity to persecute legal, vetted, background checked NJ gun owners even further. In order to pass their ideological agenda, they locked hundreds of people out of the public hearings, tried to pass the bills without hearing testimony, once forced to hear testimony, manipulated the time given to provide testimony to favor the anti-gun side, allowed endless pontification by anti-gun legislators in lieu of hearing testimony, manipulated the committee vote on S2723 in violation on legislative rules and switched it to another committee stacked with Democrats so it would pass and colluded with the press to only print anti-gun articles and mislead the public about the content of the bills.

  • freddy

    the link provided has a single use - in Mexico - of a 50 cal weapon. All the others are so-called crimes of possession... something that is only a crime if you create idiotic laws like this.