Second Amendment Remedies! Conservative talk radio host/GOP activist charged in gun incident


family values my ass

Guns don't kill people, conservatives do. Sometimes. Or wish they could kill themselves with said guns. Sometimes.

In this case, Douglas Sedenquist, a GOP radio talk show host and political activist tracked down his estranged wife and texted her that he had a 7 mm rifle aimed at his own heart. When the police showed up, he had his "long rifle" pointed at his own stomach.

Did I mention he used to beat his kids?

Via the Green Bay Press Gazette:

A Republican activist who has been a conservative radio talk show host in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is scheduled to plead Sept. 3 in Brown County Circuit Court to charges stemming from a weapons disturbance involving his estranged wife.

Yes, a former Republican state official, undoubtedly a "pro-lifer," allegedly held off police officers with a high-powered rifle while threatening suicide in a mall parking parking lot.

If that doesn't reek of "right to life," I don't know what does.

But that's not all. They also charged Mr. Love the Fetus Hate the Child with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and, of course,  with sending that message to his ex threatening suicide. He could get four years in prison and $12,000 in fines.

His estranged wife told police they had been married for 22 years but separated in July 2012 after he beat up their two teenage daughters, the complaint says.

You thought I was just being a mean old Lib when I pointed out his blatant hypocrisy and threw in that Second Amendment Remedy headline? Think again:

Sedenquist’s Twitter account identifies him as a Christian, father, radio talk show co-host, labor freedom advocate, Delta County GOP Vice Chair and Michigan GOP state committeeman... Postings by him on various websites reveal him to be an advocate for right-to-work legislation, Second Amendment rights and other conservative issues.

Douglas Sedenquist in all his Christian, family valuesy glory:

twitter account GOP hypocrite

@theNorthVision I only know enough about Twitter to be dangerous! #rightmi