"Post-racial America": KKK to host cross burning in Kentucky; "tons of food, fun" and of course kids welcome!


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Once upon a time, on a family vacation, we drove through Bakersfield (correction, it was Fresno), California, and I noticed a small crowd gathered on a street corner. As we passed them, I realized they were KKK members, and I felt physically ill. So that's what I saw in Bakersfield Fresno.

This is what you see if you hold your nose and make it over to a KKK site:

I am proud to announce that the Realm of Kentucky is hosting a Cross Lighting in the Louisa/Yatesville area. One of our members owns around 10 acres and has been nice enough to host the event. The event will be open to members, family of members and people who have met local leaders that are interested in joining.

The event will be held September 14, 2013, which falls on a Saturday. We do not expect trouble since the event is held on private property. There will be tons of food, fun and of course, the Cross Lighting. We are placing the Cross on a hill on the property which should be seen from a very far distance!

No drugs of any sort are allowed. Donations are not expected, but are welcomed. Please see Kentucky’s Grand Dragon James Roberts for more information about the event.

But come on, America, it's not really all that bad, because the KKK calls it a "cross lighting" now, not a cross burning, and their members are "nice" because they donated an arena on which their family valuesy family members are invited to join the KKKlub.

And hey kids! There will be tons of food and fun! But because they're such a wholesome bunch, NO DRUGS!

See the name "James Roberts" in that announcement? He left a Very Special comment at Topix that goes a little something like this:

James Roberts | Saturday

Parent, its scary to think you are raising children. The United States was founded by white people, the majority being Christian.

Louisa is a low educated town, filled with pill poppers and obese losers. The Klan is needed.

If you want to raise your children to tolerate sodomy and race-mixing, go ahead. The Bible commands against both. The Klan is alive and well.

1. James Roberts is illiterate.

2. James Roberts thinks obese people are losers. Pot. Kettle. Loser.

3. James Roberts thinks anyone but svelte white Christians are losers. See above.

4. James Roberts thinks sodomy has some scary, hidden connection to "race-mixing," obesity, and "pill-popping." I'm going out on a limb and suggesting that very white, very racist, very Bible thumpy James Roberts is totally (and secretly) into sodomy.

5. James Roberts thinks the Klan is (alive and) well. It may be alive, but it's certainly not at all well.

6. James Roberts is a sick, racist f***.

My pal @Anomaly100 over at FreakOutNation adds this quote (in part) from Claire Connor, author of Wrapped in the Flag:

"... In the South the KKK looked up the Birchers as good recruiting material."

Hop over to her post for more.

Gee, I wonder who these bottom-feeders will support in the 2014 U.S. Senate race: "Hurt in his eyes” Mitch McConnell or Democrat Alison Grimes... Oh, but I kid the racists.

UPDATE: More at this local news site.

Huge h/t:  Laurel Davila

  • Mark

    As much as the Klan makes me sick, this is the paradox of living in a free society. We can't have it both ways. They have a right to non-violently organize and assemble.
    We have a right to be disgusted that such a group even exists.

    When we look back at what the Klan used to stand for, it should horrify us. The fact that this terrorist group thrived, and routinely violated the rights of blacks in the South for decades is also a grim reminder of what happens when our inalienable rights are trod upon. Lynching should never be forgotten.

    All that said, we should be concerned when we wake up some day and the government decides which group or viewpoint is no longer allowed. Violence is wrong and illegal. Discrimination is wrong and illegal. Murder is wrong and illegal. But being stupid, and holding stupid views, and gathering stupidity into a peaceful assembly MUST be protected. In the same way that Charles Manson deserved a fair trial.

    Thankfully, despite some recent intrusions on some of our most basic rights, a stupid, buffoonish group of jackmonkies like the Klan can still exist and exist as a fringe group in American Society. Ironically, I find this to be a reassuring sign that some aspects of our Constitution are alive and well. We would be wise to consider the recent Klan gathering as, ironically, as good sign in some ways you wouldn't see on the surface despite the affront to a reasonable person's sensibilities.

  • smipypr

    A burning cross was used in 16th-17th century Scotland to rally clans for battle. These were usually small enough to carry on a pole. The use was appropriated by the Klan in the early 20th century. To them, they're not burning the crucifix; the Klan is "lighting" the cross... to intimidate people who have somehow offended the Klan. There's a popular demotivator on the web showing a Klansman, in flames, running away from an unlit cross. Poetic justice. This is in no way an effort to reduce the sickness of the Klan; just a small illustration of how they think.

  • Willard D Russell

    Everybody in America should read Topix. You get to see what GOP and TeaParty supporters really think. And it is not pretty.

  • juicyfruityyy

    I've always wondered why, the bible-thumping Christians; never blast them, for burning a sacred symbol. But they would become upset if you don't wear your flag pin? They all are hypocrites.

  • juicyfruityyy

    Pin the tail on the donkey?

  • Pelu Maad

    We have met the enemy.....and he is US.

  • John

    I guess if they were Muslim's instead of white "Christians" we could expect a drone strike since they are fomenting violence against America. Or at least black and Jewish Americans.

  • Robert Speed

    Odd how burning a cross isn't as offensive as burning a flag is to these people.

  • Dam Spahn

    Will there be a bounce house? Carnival games? Whack a mole?