Post-racial? Group posts "Official Race Baiters ID Card," "#Trayvon Martin protests against white gun owners" alert


Al Sharpton race baiter card via Liberty Federation

So today, this happened: VIDEO: Obama speaks out on #Zimmerman verdict, race ” #Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” It was a powerful, sensitive, heartfelt effort to have a meaningful dialog with
America about race, keeping our kids safe, improved communication, and how to be more pro-active in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict.

This happened, too: The so-called "National Liberty Federation" posted the above image on their website. They also felt the need to include this panicky, paranoid alert (bolding mine):

Trouble is brewing.  Stay away from these areas.  This is the latest list of locations for the Trayvon Martin protests against white gun owners, American courts, jury verdicts, and the Rule of Law. [...]


Then they listed a number of locations around the country and warn their readers urgently to "avoid these areas." Here are a couple of comments left under the post:

Jane Scroggins:

They are determined to start a race war. A Hispanic kills a black thug and it is the white gun owners fault? And the jury said the Hispanic was innocent! Sure beats Obama having to answer for Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA and the economy!

Joe Fioretti:

Just saw obama the instigator on TV. Instead of warning the gangsters not to riot, he empathized with Black males and in essence condoned their violence. If I were a Black male and listened to his “speech”, I would feel compelled to take to the streets and act out violently. At 12% of the population, this idiot is advocating a race war and the annihilation of his people.

See how outreachy these "patriots" are? They really ought to take a peek at this video from the Rachel Maddow Show: “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!” 

Post-racial America, my ass.

post racial

  • Aniel ルーズ

    It sure sounds like a Freaky Friday with no peace of mind. I like what Charles Barkley said in CNN....we really are all divided...the blacks go in their neighborhood and the whites go in theirs..I think Blacks and Whites are like Arabs and Jews. No collaborative means of diplomacy.

  • Virginia Adams

    I'll take one.

  • judi

    There is NOTHING that Obama can say, do, think, feel, write, or show that will EVER be right with these completely ignorant whack jobs. No matter how level headed he tries to be....THEY HATE HIS BLACK BEING WITH A PASSION.
    And the SCOTUS just gave this country the middle finger to all it's inhabitants of "color" pure white conservative, that is...
    The GOP has its propaganda machines, Big Money, and "the laws" on their side, they think. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!

  • you and I see it that way - I'm still not entirely sure how they see it. I think it may depend on the day of the week.

  • Jack Boardman

    Rule of law? Really? More like "Jim Crow Law." Sadly, we are not now, nor have we ever been "Post Racial" in this country. Racial hatred just oozes out of Teapublicans like sweat on a hot Florida day.

  • Wanna cookie?

  • Yes, we can def. generalize about the Tea Party!

  • They really are the Tea Party too though, right? As much as they say they aren't, they are indeed a faction of the GOP. Murica!

  • Oh OK, FINE!

  • Now Memers, you know you shouldn't generalize. You should have said "MOST Republicans"!

  • don't forget the TeaParty

  • White racists? Oh you mean Republicans!

  • sandinbrick

    This really pisses me off. I know how President Obama feels. Let's what it's like to a 17 yrs black teen. This man is stalking you, and you WTF. I would be like what should I do? So I turn around and stalk him. Then I realize he's out to get me. This is just BS from white racists. Like President Obama said the first day he took the oath, enjoy this day because tomorrow will be back we were yesterday. and he was right. I'm just sick to my stomach.