Women Power, Not Horsepower



The "making of" this Fiat ad drives me crazy -- totally amazeballs as my kids would say. If you start watching it, you won't stop. So here's four minutes of mind boggling fun, beautiful women and some vastly creative and talented body artists.

This is a country of ingenuity and imagination. We need to provide for the education as well, so we can develop and generate creative minds and a more productive future. Let the GOP know that we're not going to allow them to cut education funds. After all, we want to go forward, not backwards. Who'd want to see a commercial done this way for a horse and buggy?

Red Neck Haven

And in a related matter, Good Ol' Texas, that state that keeps on giving, has provided us with some body-painting related fodder from their franchised Red Neck Haven Restaurant. Seems body paint isn't enough of a "cover up" at their establishment, so they've decided to ban female servers who just cover their breasts with body paint. In the HuffPo article about Redneck Haven Restaurant or as the locals were calling it, the Redneck Breastaurant:

A Lewisville, Tex., restaurant must decide what their breast move is after the city banned it from allowing their waitresses to wear body paint while serving food.

After complaints to police about the waitress' attire (or lack thereof) at Redneck Heaven restaurant, the city council voted to change an ordinance so that it's now illegal for women to cover their breasts with just body paint, according to KDFW.

So, I guess what's good enough for a television commercial, the naked body-painted Fiat women, isn't up to your high standards to serve you a beer and nachos in a facility that you must be 21 or older to enter. Ah, Texas, you just have too much time on your hands and you're going to use it to minimize women's rights of all kind.You find the female body is yours to control. Just how much longer before rape becomes decriminalized? You've taken women's rights almost totally away with your GOP forced anti-women's reproductive rights measures.You're shutting down legal abortion clinics. Now you're targeting adult eating establishments? When do you drop the charade and go with having women legally declared sex objects or banning them outright?

Oh, and while were on the subject of controlling bodies, how about looking into regulating places that serve food that can kill?  Doesn't the epidemic of obesity concern you at all?

greasy burger

Redneck Heaven patrons may no longer be able to see women with no clothes on, but they can still tuck into one of the restaurant's signature "Border Patrol Belt Busters" or chomp down a "Double-Bubba Pounder" Nolan Ryan Burger.