Cartoons of the Day- Zimmerman Style Safety



Mike Smith


Nick Anderson


Paul Berg

  • Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

    If everybody took action (regardless of skin color) that would have an even stronger impact.

  • kimbutgar

    If I saw Zimmerman I would start screaming and say "don't shot me don't shot me" and run away screaming just enough cause a scene. Any person of color should do this and make his life a living hell of people screaming, "don't shot me don't shot me!" .

  • Any way you look at it, we may be on the precipice of greater racial unrest. I'm not too young to remember the Watts riots or Rodney King riots. Zimmerman's life isn't worth a plug nickel now no matter the verdict. I hope the long term effects are not continued rioting and violence.