#Trayvon's voice was silenced, but yours isn't


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UPDATE: Here is the finished video: BLUNT VIDEO: Not Guilty– The George Zimmerman Verdict

Original post:

Last night I couldn't stop crying after the George Zimmerman verdict was announced. I was dumbstruck, saddened, outraged, heartbroken, angry, confused, discouraged, defiant, troubled, and pained, but I was not surprised.

And please, dear Twitter followers, I don't mean to sound scoldy, but I'm very post-verdict cranky, so I'm going to ask that some of you resist asking me why I'm surprised every time I write a post expressing an opinion. One can be disturbed, agitated, angry, or bummed out without being surprised. One can even be shocked, but not surprised. So can we please-with-sugar-on-top stop asking, "Why are you surprised?" I rarely am. Thank you. Appreciate it muchly.

Moving on...

I am producing a new Blunt video, and I am asking you to send me your reaction, in 30 seconds or less (yes, I empathize and really do know it's difficult to keep it that short, but I can't make a 2 hour video that nobody will have the patience to watch) to what happened last night.

Even if you cry, send me your tears. Even if you yell, send me your screams. Even if you swear, send me your feelings. Even if you're dumbstruck, send me your silence.

But at least you have the ability to do any and all of those things. Trayvon does not.

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Melissa Harris-Perry reacted shortly after the not-guilty verdict last night. Please watch the entire video, it's short:

What if George Zimmerman had been black? We sort of know that answer, right?

Because Melissa Alexander, an African-American woman in Florida who shot a ceiling-- let's be very clear-- she shot a warning shot into the ceiling when her admittedly abusive husband who had physically abused her on multiple occasions, and was threatening her at that moment, as he was walking toward her, she shot into the ceiling.

And she got 20 years in jail in Florida. 20 years for shooting a ceiling.

George Zimmerman is free tonight and we know without any doubt that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. So i think we know the answer to what would happen had George Zimmerman been African-American.

George Zimmerman also gets his gun back now.

Please send your videos, of you speaking to the camera, or of your voice as the camera is focused on something else, to BLUNT @ ThePoliticalCarnival dot net.

Please don't be shy or reticent, be vocal. Please email me your video file within the next day or two if you can. Thank you.

  • Yes, because he's so trustworthy... GAAA!

    You should do a vid!

  • a4alice

    what a great idea gottalaff. Tweeting it. hope you get a lot of responses and can't wait to see what you come up with. The fact that he gets his fracking gun back is just another slap in the face.

  • paullwolborsky

    That the Jury spent more than 16 hours deliberating suggest they did not act out of racism, but in response to a 'shadow of a doubt'. I got the distinct impression the Sanford PD didn't arrest Zimmerman immediately was due to a call from friends of his daddy, so 'Good ole boys' maybe, but again not racist. The Sanford PD's sloppy, shoddy handling of the evidence suggest incompetence, sloppiness, shoddiness and a surprising inability to handle the rain, but again not racist.

    The Prosecution's handling of the case hinged upon experts and software identifying the voice crying out for help over the phone, but the Judge ruled it inadmissible, because the technology was in doubt. Not Racism. Mrs. Zimmerman swore on a stack of bibles her son was crying out for help, and probably lied. But she did it to protect her son. She likely sympathizes with the Martins on the loss of a child. Not racist.

    The Defense worked very hard to focus on the evidence and not Trayvon Martin's race. Not Racist. However, Mark O'Mara may have committed a racist act by holding up the shirtless, hat, gangsta Trayvon photo up to the jury, who very likely were just as disgusted by Mark O'Mara's actions are the world was, and Mark O'Mara will come to regret this act.

    However, George Zimmerman's profiling of #Trayvon Martin, following him with a gun, and in the end using his gun out of fear of the angry black man was, is, and for all posterity, the racist. And he won't fare so well under Federal Scrutiny.