"It would be truly miraculous for church to rectify oversight of its clergy so that sex-abuse cases promptly reported"


I need a miracle

Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "The trouble with miracles," Opinion, July 8

How telling that on consecutive days, The Times reports on the Catholic Church's systematic cover-ups of its clergy's sexual abuses and then runs an Op-Ed piece criticizing the church's implausible findings of miracles.

Maybe such claims of miracles performed by former popes or in Lourdes' waters would be deemed more credible if the church first managed to work a universally indisputable miracle. It would be truly miraculous for the church to rectify oversight of its clergy, so that all future sex-abuse cases are promptly reported to the police for investigation and prosecution. Offenders found guilty would be defrocked.

Gene Martinez

Orcutt, Calif.