Why "pro-lifers" should embrace marriage equality


gay rights marriage equality cartoon by Nate Beeler

I absolutely love this cartoon by Nate Beeler that Paddy posted earlier. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

Question to all those "right-to-lifers" out there: Are you really as "pro-life" as you claim? No, really, think about it; are you? Because if you were, you would support marriage equality to prevent the deaths of living, breathing, already-born human beings.

Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter, as does our ability to save the lives of our fellow Americans... all of them:

Though the victory for opponents of Proposition 8 is great for same-sex couples, the underlying victories involved are far greater.

Research has shown that suicide among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth is more prevalent than in the general population. Clearly, being denied the ability to marry contributes to a feeling of low self-worth.

Many who claim to support gay relationships do not condone same-sex marriage. But it's impossible to "support" someone while denying their right to experience one of life's greatest joys.

California's giant step toward equality will help diminish the high suicide rate among gay youth. The Supreme Court's decision will not only bring loving couples together, it will save lives.

Three cheers for the right to marry today. Infinite cheers for encouraging acceptance of all of our youth today, tomorrow and forever.

Daniel A. Cowell