VIDEO: WI GOP doesn't trust women not to lie about rape. So State Rep. reveals: "I was 8. I didn't know what was happening."


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Once again, Republicans show America how concerned they are about job creation (And by jobs, Republicans mean abortions aka jobortion), education, health care, civil liberties, foreign affairs, the economy, and the environment.

They're ba-a-ack, but this time, a Wisconsin state representative responds, and to say her personal story has impact is an understatement:

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Wisconsin State Representative Mandy Wright:

This is a story that my constituents don't know. This is a story that my students don't know. This is a story that most of my friends don't know. And that story starts when i was a kid.

I was 8 years old visiting the family farm, and my cousin raped me repeatedly. several times. The only reason it stopped is because my father found us. This has been kept private with my family for good reason. It was not reported.

There's a reason that only 19% of rapes are ever reported. I was 8. I didn't know what was happening.

My parents protected me and they made good decisions on my behalf. And I'm a whole person because of the love and care of my parents and my faith community and the counseling that I was able to receive individually and with my family, and that should have been kept private.

But because of this bill, I need to tell this story. because now I have three daughters, and I talked about them on the floor last week and they're my pride and joy. And they're beautiful.

And God forbid they have the same thing happen to them that happened to me and they actually be of childbearing age. And now I need to publicly reveal this to the entire community. And let's make no mistake, I am a state representative. Things that go on the police log do not go undetected.

You are talking about my kids here, that this would have to be made publicly known for them to receive the services that they need.


Wisconsin State Representative Mandy White explaining in some very, very personal terms why she believes it is a terrible idea for the state legislature in Wisconsin to tell Wisconsin's women that they will not believe you that it was rape if it does not end up in a police report.

And if it does not end up in a police report and you get pregnant, then the decision about what happens next is up to the Republicans in the state legislature, it is not up to you. That is what is happening in Wisconsin. Republicans saying essentially that women lie about being raped in order to get abortions they should not get and so we need to get the police involved in that decision or it didn't happen.

And now Republicans in Washington are doing the same thing for the whole country.

See how the GOP is reaching out to women? Aren’t they the reachy-outiest ever?

But it is reassuring to see how they're sticking to their guns about government-- especially those run by Republicans-- not intruding into our private lives, isn't it?

small government my ass