More killed by toddlers than terrorists in U.S.


gun deaths v terrorism deaths

I borrowed the headline from this post from J.J. Goldberg over at the Jewish Daily Forward. His piece is so concise and to the point that it's hard to add much. Please link over to read the whole thing, but here is the bottom line:

Number of persons killed on American soil so far this year by terrorists: 3.

Number of persons killed on American soil so far this year by toddlers: 5.

Gee, maybe the NSA should start eavesdropping on tiny tots more. Oh, but I kid the NSA.

He goes on to document those statements, and it isn't pretty.

CNN, who titles their own post "More Americans killed in gun deaths than in terrorist attacks," picks up where Goldberg left off with this, plus a video:

In fact, the number of Americans killed in guns deaths is far larger than the number of those killed in terrorist attacks around the world every year.  [...]

While the United States government has invested more than half a trillion dollars on homeland security since the September 11,, 2001 attacks, according to the Congressional Budget Office, there has been practically no effort to deter gun violence.

Tom Diaz, former member of the NRA and former senior analyst at the Violence Policy Center:

NRA has made it clear ... that there are no shades of gray in this debate.... "We will not compromise on any gun control legislation."

The NRA and the gun industry have had a campaign to shut down information, because they lose every time the argument is based on fact...

According to the latest Pew Research Center poll, 82% favor background checks, 55% favor a ban on assault-style weapons, and 54% favor a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips.

We should all breathe a sigh of relief that we still have the freedom to be gunned down, even by toddlers. Thank the NRA, firearms manufacturers, and gun zealots in Congress for continuing to support those helpful Second Amendment remedies.

  • Scott Davis

    4 were killed in the Boston Marathon Bombing incident alone. I like the larger point though. With so many guns in households, there will always be accidents, disputes that never would have been lethal otherwise, and suicide made just easy enough that it happens more often. Guns=death. Not freedom. Not rights. Not power. Death for you and those you hold most dear. The ignorance and spin around this is an uniquely American sickness. It doesn't seem like anything will change it. I will be that change and I will speak. I hope for more like voices.

  • Frances I know exactly what you mean. Both my kids and grandkids could find ways to make normal everyday household items defy the laws of physics. I cannot imagine if they'd had access to guns in those days.

  • Frances R

    American toddlers are dangerous enough w/o guns. My oldest hit my husband w/a Fisher Price cash register, right on his skull ,to wake Daddy up, she was 3. My middle girl threw a Mr. Coffee pot up in the air to watch it fly, she was 2 and don't get me started on the youngest, boy, his toddler antics curled my hair! So no guns ever! People who have guns & toddlers are asking for trouble, Those little scamps will touch the gun, shoot the gun, my kids could probably load the gun. We need some good-old fashioned common sense.