A Week of Many Upchucks: Education – Or Not


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Please welcome back guest blogger K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. We’re only posting part of this one, but you can link over to read the rest here.

Another Upchuckable Week - the place where religion meets your rights – by K. C. Boyd

The Weekly Upchuck

  • No-Uh Upchuck: Family de-education continues as Ark Encounter theme park plan to include their Ride Through the Plagues of Egypt. - http://ow.ly/lKuW6
  • Don’t Teach Your Children Well Upchuck: Tea Party and Conservatives protest Common Core as a federal overreach and a threat to Homeschoolers – Translation: it’s all about a proper Christian education, science and history be damned. - ow.ly/lKyNa
  • Bad News Upchuck: Four thousand after school Good News Clubs reach 14 million students in public schools today. - http://ow.ly/lKzgI
  • Mythology of Creationism Upchuck: Louisiana’s Education Committee Votes to Keep State’s Creationism Act. - ow.ly/lKA6W
  • Sis-Boom-Bah Upchuck: School District to Challenge Cheerleader Bible Banner Ruling. - ow.ly/lKCed
  • Too Uncool for School Upchuck: High School Class President prays in Jesus’ name at graduation despite Atheist objections. - ow.ly/lKCJG
  • Taxpayer Funded Upchuck: NYC Council Passes a ‘Right to Worship’ Resolution to Give Churches Access to Schools. - ow.ly/lLE9U
  • Anti-ABC’s Upchuck: Salvation must be near: Kindergartener is permitted to perform Christian song at the school Talent Show after lawyers intervene. – 
  • Pray It Away Upchuck: John Paulk, the former poster boy for the ex-gay movement, is deemed a fallen man after claiming that he has not been de-gay-ified. - ow.ly/lKvMu


Guns and Religion

  •  Forgive Me Father Upchuck: Certain right wing Catholics thinking: The assault on religion & on gun rights come from people who hate freedom. - ow.ly/lR3Il

John Hagee

  • Nut-job Upchuck: Eric Cantor, Glenn Beck, Senator Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Michele Bachmann to speak at CUFI 2013 Annual Conference. Remember the CUFI at ’08 conference when Joe Lieberman likened Hagee to Moses? Upchuck, upchuck! - http://ow.ly/lKwpR


  • Boy Who Cries Wolf Upchuck: Fear-mongering continues. Using the familiar tools of hate and fear, the Family Research Council and American Family Association repeatedly cry that Mikey Weinstein’s MRRF success with the removal of a most crusader-like painting from an Idaho Air Force Base dining hall is a danger to Christians in the military. - ow.ly/lKwEi   http://ow.ly/lKwZH
  • Propaganda Upchuck: In a dangerous slant, the supposedly non-partisan Sacramento Bee calls Weinstein anti-Christian. - http://ow.ly/lNTh8
  • Fundy Upchuck: Seems that even Christian military chaplains are afraid of the Fundamentalist Christians. - http://ow.ly/lR5vu


  • 501C3 Upchuck? Christian Coalition heads Sunday church voter registration drive. - ow.ly/lKxHu
  • Bogeyman Upchuck: Lusting for Hispanic support, the president of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership tells them that their very religious freedoms are in danger. - ow.ly/lKzUR
  • Superstar Upchuck: This year’s Values Voters Summit will once again feature a virtual Who’s-Who of Dominionist “thinkers.” - http://ow.ly/lLDfn
  • Close to the Action Upchuck: The Center for Christian Statesmanship opens the doors to a brand new Christian indoctrination club on Capitol Hill to “restore Christian statesmanship and to re-establish the practices of Christian principles that were prevalent at the birth of our nation. ” - ow.ly/lNRNK


Upchuck of the Week

  • Upchuckable to the Nth Upchuck: The most vile, election-stealing and uber-Dominionist Ken Blackwell promotes Islam-bashing/hatred in a shameless attack on Mikey Weinstein’s very real concerns about the Dominionist infiltration in the military. - ow.ly/lQVPq