Another day, another shooter with "mental health issues" killing several people with an "AR-15 style" semiautomatic rifle


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Yesterday there was another shooting spree, this time in Santa Monica, California, a lovely city by the sea about 45 minutes from where I live. It's also a couple of blocks from where one friend of mine, a young mother, lives, and only one block from another friend's house. And President Obama was attending a Democratic fundraiser just a few blocks away.

Six degrees...

Here are a few disturbingly familiar details.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

The FBI joined local authorities on Saturday in seeking to determine a motive for a gunman's rampage that killed four people in Santa Monica. [...]

Authorities said detectives were trying to look into the background of the alleged gunman as well as his family. They also want to know how he got the semiautomatic rifle he used. [...]

Before getting into the passenger's seat next to Sisk, witnesses said, the gunman fired several shots aimlessly around the neighborhood with what authorities later said was an "AR-15 style" semiautomatic rifle.

Via a CNN email alert that just came in:

The man police say went on a shooting rampage Friday in California had suffered mental health issues, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

A couple of years ago, he was hospitalized for treatment after allegedly talking about harming someone, according to the official.

The gunman's rampage began at a home in Santa Monica, leaving two dead inside. He carjacked a woman and fired at a public bus.

It all ended when police shot him dead at Santa Monica College as students studied for finals, a mile from the house.

But background checks are a bad idea, right gun zealots? They cut into your Second Amendment rights, say you. The dead shooting victims and their families might say that assault style weapons cut into our rights to live and breathe, and that they should be banned.

They might also say that those who claim to be "pro-life" may want to rethink their choice of words.