Oops! There goes another GOP talking point-- World’s largest study of same-sex parenting: Children are thriving


gay couples kids

Now that more Americans than ever support marriage equality, conservatives are back to concentrating on their War on Women (abortion restrictions galore, resistance to equal pay, the Y.G. Woman Up fiasco, their attitude toward military sexual assaults, etc. ad nauseam).

However, they continue to insist that same-sex couples are icky and will spread their ickiness to children if given half a chance, because everyone knows that Teh Gay is contagious. Duh.

But study after study prove otherwise. Of course, conservatives are allergic to facts and logic, but maybe this XXXL plus-size study will change what's left of their minds, both here, in Australia, and everywhere else. Via Think Progress:

The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families is the world’s largest attempt to study how children raised by same-sex couples compare to children raised by heterosexual couples. According to a preliminary report on the study of 500 children across the country of Australia, these young people are not only thriving, but also have higher rates of family cohesion than other families [...]

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently came out for marriage equality, explaining that concern about the children of same-sex couples was previously his primary obstacle. Hopefully this research will convince additional Australian lawmakers to support marriage equality when it next comes up for a vote.

another talking point bites the dust