Oops! Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R) failed to disclose gift vacations


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Family values means being honest and telling the truth and being pretty gosh darned squeaky clean, right? Isn't that the standard that an upstanding conservative family values guy would want to maintain? To be a role model for all children and all families and all voters ever?

And isn't Republican gubernatorial candidate and conservative fave Ken Cuccinelli always claiming to stand up for family values? After all, he holds traditionally conservative views on abortion and marriage equality, among other things. (Clearly, women who choose to have abortions and gay Americans have no family values whatsoever, but that's another post for another time. Back to Ken.)

In a previous writing about Gov. “Ultrasound” McDonnell’s “improper use of gov’t. money, facilities, power for personal enrichment of friends”, I quoted Rachel Maddow saying this:

I should also note that among the significant stockholders of the company is the Republican nominee to succeed Gov. McDonnell,  a man named Ken Cuccinelli, a man who himself is now in trouble for having gone nearly a year without disclosing he had those shares in that company. It’s nice, right?

That “man named Ken Cuccinelli” also urged the court to keep anti-sodomy law on the books. Because he's a family values kind of guy.

He better rethink his pristine values system, because it seems he was on the receiving end of more gifts than he had previously reported.

Via Fredericksburg.com where they enumerate the disclosures:

Cuccinelli revealed three trips and two vacations, spread over the past five years, that he says he forgot to list on his annual financial disclosure statements.

Some were from Jonnie Williams, who is CEO of dietary supplement company Star Scientific. [...] He said it was simply an error to have left those five items off his disclosure forms, and was “unintentional on my part.

Uh huh. He also said that it was just a big ol' coincidence that some of the gifts he left out were from Williams.who me

His gubernatorial opponent is American businessman and former chairman of the Democratic Party, Terry McAuliffe.