It is ON. March on NRA lobbyists! DC! April 25! Noon! Please share.


it's on

Please feel free to post and tweet! NRA Lobbyists can no longer hide in the shadows!

Go DC!

Here's the press release:

Activists to Target NRA “K” Street Lobbyists – Hand Deliver NRA Checks & Post-Mortem Victim Photos

“March on NRA Lobbyists” Begins at Noon, Thursday, April 25th at McPherson Square

Unveiling of new Shepard Fairey anti-NRA artwork

WASHINGTON, DC –Riding a wave of public anger at the Senate's failure to pass even minimal gun control legislation, a coalition of activists, advocates and campaign finance reformers will lead a march on Washington firearms lobbyists this Thursday, April 25 at NOON. The goal is to drag the lobbyists out of the shadows where they prefer to operate and expose exactly how the National Rifle Association subverts democracy.

The event will begin with a news conference in McPherson Square, where gun violence prevention leaders will lay out the web of influence controlled by the NRA and unveil a new anti-NRA artwork by Shepard Fairey, who produced the most memorable image of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

The protest will then move along the K Street corridor, symbolically holding up giant checks from the NRA made out to key lobbying firms and delivering crime-scene photos illustrating the devastating effects of gun violence to those firms' offices.

Participating organizations include Public Campaign, Occupy the NRA, CREDO, Every Child Matters, Moveon, United For Change, USA, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, The Other 98%, and We Act Radio.

"Victims of gun violence and their surviving family members in Aurora and Newtown can't write big checks to buy time and influence with elected officials," said Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Public Campaign. "It's no accident the Senate could not bring itself to close the gun show loophole and institute universal background checks for gun purchasers -- a measure supported by more than 90 percent of the public. Americans deserve a political system that allows politicians to do what's best for the majority, not just their big campaign donors."

The news conference will not only name NRA lobbyists; it will also name the non-NRA clients of those lobbyists and challenge them to distance themselves from their firms.


Nick Nyhart, Public Campaign

Nardyne Jefferies, gun safety advocate whose daughter was killed in a drive by shooting on South Capitol

Maria Roach, United For Change, USA

Leah Gunn Barrett, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

Stephen Clermont, Every Child Matters Education Fund

Cliff Schecter – Gun safety advocate and writer – moderator

What: A news conference starting at McPherson Square targeting NRA lobbyists and proceeding along the K Street corridor

When: This Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 12:00 NOON

Where: McPherson Square, South Lawn

Why: Because the NRA’s lobbyists are culpable. They can no longer hide in the shadows while Americans are killed by their handiwork. Their other clients have the right to know how little they value public safety.

  • I take it back. I just spoke to one of the organizers, who said it went great and got them a lot of publicity. There you go.

  • Got it. No, that won't happen. They're busy with their own projects, they don't come here to respond.

  • Howard

    My original comment was to the organizers of the event. I assumed that they would read the comments posted here and possibly reply or update with details.

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    We allow any comment to remain that adheres to our guidelines.

    As for NRA event, "what I did wrong" makes no sense. I had nothing to do with the protest. I got no follow-up from those who were in charge or participated, so it would be difficult to report back on something if I have no info.

    Additionally, we don't follow up on every post we write here. We write about what hits us emotionally, we try to post breaking news, we basically write whatever we feel like writing, not what commenters request.

  • Howard

    I did read the guidelines, I read this part and wondered if my opinion would be deleted. "This is an opinion site. That’s what we do. We snark, we opine, we snipe, we joke, we analyze, we are a little idiosyncratic, and we’re allowed. Oh, and we’re Progressive. If you disagree with us, fine. If you don’t like our p.o.v. feel free to go elsewhere. In fact, start your own blog, and say whatever you’d like, that’s your prerogative." Apparently you decided to allow it to remain, for that I thank you. I will be interested in seeing if any responses are forth coming on my other questions.

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  • Howard

    Really poor showing of support at your event and most of the comments here are negative Do you wonder what it is you are doing wrong? Why no after action report detailing how many showed up, what happened when you got to the NRA offices and where was the media? Seriously, what went wrong, anyone care to reply to that question or will I e banned for being logical and asking uncomfortable questions?

  • "Stop the NRA march" fizzled BIG TIME -> did you ever stop to THINK "WHY?" Ummm MAYBE you need to stop your "round pound" and talk to the REST of America. Naw!!

  • Awww, MC, you having a bad day? Unemployed? Bored? Need a hobby? A girl/boyfriend? Feel compelled to write comments that nobody will read? I missed that last one, deleted it before I read it. I hope it was written with more style and intelligence than your last few.

    Must be tough to keep coming up with new email addresses.

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  • m c

    Hey dipshit- you cry about gun control but the idiot libs only speak of measures that will have an effect on the lawful gun owners, not the criminal thug vermin running the streets that cause the havoc. Oh- you can't disarm the street thugs, that would be racist and the race hustlers will cry foul, so let's pick on the law abiding taxpaying real citizens. Get a fucking life loser.

  • No doubt, these cowards will not be in their offices to stand up for their insanity. Their position cannot be defended and they know it. It's all about CA$H!

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Over 30,000 deaths/year because firearms are available to anybody,anywhere like jellybeans.
    Of course nothing should be done to control weapons of war on our strteets because 'once upon a time' we didn't have a standing army and thought it was a good idea for people to own muskets in case those rascally redcoats came charging over the hill again.
    That's pretty stupid logic today. For example; there was ONE failed attempt to shoe-bomb ONE air craft....ONE fucking incedent!
    30,000 gun deaths a year to Americans anywhere, anytime, anyway, anyhow.