Wisconsin public schools scored better than private voucher schools in standardized achievement tests


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The Journal Sentinel has the following story in full, but I've hit my view limit and now would have to subscribe, so I'm relying on HuffPo's summary. The Sentinel's article is titled "Wisconsin voucher students lag in latest state test."

As you may recall, Republican WI Gov. Scott Walker has been pushing for school vouchers, and he's also tried his best to bust unions, as in teachers' unions, as in public schools. Remember this?

Previously I've posted that Walker’s budget funds school vouchers and charter schools “leaving public schools on life support” followed by Oops! Three Wisconsin voucher schools got state money after losing accreditation. He claims he wants more “choice,” but does Wisconsin spend more per student on vouchers than public schools?

Now it looks like public schools are getting the last laugh. Students who go to private schools, aka voucher schools, in both Milwaukee and Racine got lower standardized achievement test scores than the kids in Milwaukee Public Schools and the Racine Unified School District.

Must be all those thuggy union teachers and their thuggy union ways.

Meantime, Wisconsin Public Radio is reporting this:

A government watchdog group says voucher advocates have spent nearly $10 million over the past ten years trying to influence elections in Wisconsin.

And that's what all this is about.

public school cartoonUPDATE: Speaking of union busting, please read Lee Fang's latest at The Nation:

The Commonwealth Foundation, a right-wing think tanks in Harrisburg, is plotting to go after public sector employee unions.  In a letter from Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) on behalf of the Foundation, the think tank announced "Project Goliath," a new effort to make Pennsylvania the next Wisconsin or Michigan.