VIDEO-- BLUNT: The Senate "decided to do nothing." We've had enough gun violence. "Vote them out."


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  • Bring your dissatisfaction to the polls in 2014 and fire these incompetent slackers on both sides of the aisle. You too Harry, you promised us Filibuster reform and then lost your nerve. How much do you get from the NRA?

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    It's time to vote out the Washington cowards who egregiously ignored over 90% of Americans to instead favor wealthy campaign donors and merchants of death.
    30,000 gun deaths a year and nothing. NOTHING! Yet one jackass who fails to light his shoes on fire on one plane results in everybody stripping and getting xrayed before boarding every fucking commuter flight. And don't get me going on the shampoo and aftershave ban.
    There's something very wrong here.

  • It is so sad, that GOP, gun nuts care more about hunks of deadly metal. Thousands dead since Sandyhook, with no end in sight & congress does nothing. Vote them out! Majority should rule not NRA!