VIDEO: The last safety "inspection of the West fertilizer plant happened in-- 1985."


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Chris Hayes:

Records from the Federal Occupational Safety Administration shows the last agency's inspection of the West Fertilizer plant happened in-- 1985. For a few violations OSHA considered serious, the company was fined, wait for it. $30.

If twenty-eight years seems like a very long time between OSHA inspections for an inherently risky workplace, keep this in mind: According to the New York Times, while the number of inspectors has grown under the Obama administration, OSHA still just has 2400 responsible for overseeing roughly 8 million work sites. Roughly one inspector per 60,000 workers, a ratio that hasn't changed since 1970...

We talked last night about fatalities from terrorism and gun deaths. There's a category we didn't mention, which is workplace fatalities. From 2000-2010  3,033 Americans died from terror attacks. During that same time. 335,000 Americans died from the hands of a gun while there were over 60,000 workplace deaths.

Then Rachel Maddow covered it this way:

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  • Porter Browning

    I cannot fathom why Americans should be concerned about Texans blowing themselves up...

    Shut up... The fewer of them the better.