VIDEO: Head of pro-gun group: “We're taking background checks & making it a pro-gun bill. We snookered the other side.”


ha ha fooled ya 

Alan Gottlieb, Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation and head of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, spoke at a GOP gathering at Oregon's Persimmon Country Club.  The CCRKBA calls itself the second largest gun group after the NRA. Here's part of the transcript, which you can find at the Daylight Disinfectant, but watch the entire video. It's jaw-dropping, but sadly, not too surprising.

Now we're all in on Gottlieb's Big Secret:

If we talk about it too much, the other side’s gonna find out about it and they’re gonna realize we’re gonna win off of this thing.  The back ground check is not even a Universal Background Check.  It’s at gun shows, commercial venues, or the Internet.  And, to be candid about it, it doesn’t cover family members, of any kind, or any friends, or any gun transaction, that’s not done at a gun show or basically on the Internet.  It gives protection, if you do go through the background check, you as an individual will now get both civil and criminal liability protection that you don’t have now.  If somebody sold a gun to somebody who’s misused it, nobody can sue you even in a civil court for damages.  That’s great protection that you don’t have right now. [...]

There’s a million other things in there it’s a Christmas Tree.  We just hung a Million Ornaments on it.  We’re taking the Background Check and making it a pro-gun bill.  Unfortunately some of my colleagues haven’t quite figured it out yet because they weren’t standing in the room writing it.  My staff was.  I’ll be perfectly candid about it.  This will probably break on Monday in the Wall Street Journal.  So your getting a little of “Inside Baseball.”

So a lot of my people are going to oppose it because they don’t want any background check at all. Let’s be honest with you, philosophically, in a perfect world – I don’t want any background checks either. But I also don’t want criminals buying guns and killing people with them. And I can’t justify morally that a person who walks into a gun show, buys a gun from somebody without giving his name, the guy can hardly speak English, and he walks out the door with that firearm with no check, nothing at all. ... I want to be honest with you – we can’t tolerate that. We’re going to lose all of our rights if we allow that to continue to go on. It’s not a sustainable position for us to take. [...]

We snookered the other side. They haven’t figured it out yet.

He goes on to call the bill a "godsend."

86 percent of gun owners want a tougher rule than the one the Senate bill proposes. Oh well then.

Via Think Progress:

The group has not had a sudden change of heart. [...]

The stiff penalties for anyone who creates a national gun registry were added largely to assuage the gun lobby’s fears that expanding background checks to private sales would lead to a gun registry that would let the government confiscate guns and establish a dictatorship. Even though the CCRKBA is embracing this as a win, only 4 Republicans have agreed to support the measure, and it has yet to reach the critical 60-vote threshold. Other pro-gun advocates are still pushing for an amendment that would further weaken the bill, override tough state laws, and force all states to recognize concealed-carry permits.