Why Mitch McConnell is "enjoying how a small group of Dems duped the so-called liberal media."


angry frustrated biting laptop

This is one of those stories that is so infuriating that I have no additional commentary. I'd just be sputtering, swearing, and typing in ALL CAPS.

Please go read 's post at The Daily Beast. You'll be sputtering, too:

The most egregious disinformation came from entirely anonymous sources.

Such was the charge that Judd told a group of supporters at a private dinner in Louisville, “I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.” The actress’ apparent flippant comparison of a political campaign to sexual assault spread like Ebola across the Internet, leading some to classify Judd as the Democratic version of Todd Akin. [...]

The problem is, it never happened.

All the while, I imagine McConnell sitting back, watching the antics with his sly, tight grin, enjoying how a small group of Democrats duped the so-called liberal media into creating the false narrative of a Democratic civil war. Only a master politician could get so damn lucky.

Sometimes I hate writing about politics. Very few things have infuriated me the way covering some of these stories has.

Oh, and...

bias liberal media my ass smaller