Why Mitch McConnell is "enjoying how a small group of Dems duped the so-called liberal media."


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This is one of those stories that is so infuriating that I have no additional commentary. I'd just be sputtering, swearing, and typing in ALL CAPS.

Please go read 's post at The Daily Beast. You'll be sputtering, too:

The most egregious disinformation came from entirely anonymous sources.

Such was the charge that Judd told a group of supporters at a private dinner in Louisville, “I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.” The actress’ apparent flippant comparison of a political campaign to sexual assault spread like Ebola across the Internet, leading some to classify Judd as the Democratic version of Todd Akin. [...]

The problem is, it never happened.

All the while, I imagine McConnell sitting back, watching the antics with his sly, tight grin, enjoying how a small group of Democrats duped the so-called liberal media into creating the false narrative of a Democratic civil war. Only a master politician could get so damn lucky.

Sometimes I hate writing about politics. Very few things have infuriated me the way covering some of these stories has.

Oh, and...

bias liberal media my ass smaller

  • 'Liberal Media... My ass!' You're sounding more like my occasional radical rants, lately. =0]

  • Sally

    I remember an interview with Michelle Obama when he was early in the campaign in 2008, when she was asked if she supported his running. She said that of course she did, but she warned him that 'these people are mean!' Damn right. They are mean, nasty, lying cheating rich white men who think, like Mitt, that they are ever so more entitled to be rich than any woman, any minority, or anyone who waits tables for $2.37/hour. See, because Mitch is important, and plans to stay that way until someone knocks him off his high horse. I was hoping it would be Judd.

  • 503me

    I liked your posting.