"Ready For Hillary PAC" fundraising team prepping for a Hillary Clinton run for president


hillary clinton new website

The day after President Obama won re-election there was an immediate onslaught of speculation about a Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016. We posted about a new website that was set up at hillaryclintonoffice.com, including the image above, and comments here and on Twitter have been nothing but supportive of her possible candidacy.

A national Quinnipiac University poll and several state-level polls already show Clinton beating other potential presidential candidates, not to mention an ABC News-Washington Post poll that found her to be significantly more popular than Joe Biden.

That all had an effect at CPAC 2013 when Mitch McConnell said that a Hillary Clinton-led 2016 field would be like "a rerun of The Golden Girls." Feeling a tad threatened, are you Mitch?

I've been a little irked by all the ridiculously early speculation, so I started adding the tag "enough about 2016" to my posts, but it looks like it's unavoidable. Americans want Hillary to go for it, including a new PAC:

(CNN) - The group's name says it all: The "Ready For Hillary PAC" is increasingly its readiness for a possible future presidential bid from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A source familiar with the group's fund-raising plans told CNN on Sunday that the group has brought on board a national finance director and is assembling a team of regional fund-raising leaders.

Several of her 2008 bundlers have already donated to the super PAC. ("Bundlers pull together individual donations to bring in the huge sums campaigns need.")

Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to be president, and it's hard to imagine any other Dem beating her in the primaries. And we all know how money talks (thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling), so should she finally announce a decision to run again, donations sure won't be an issue.

What we really need is a Progressive majority in the House and Senate, and unlike another Clinton for President effort, that won't exactly be a...

piece of cake

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  • TurboKitty

    Don't let me stop you from riding that dinosaur right into the middle of town ...

  • the wanna-be Cherokee Warren?
    yet another stale, conservative voice for the barbarian notion that we are property?
    [ gag ]

  • What Amerika needs .. yet another statist fear-monger. already proven incompetent.
    This is not progress, it is regress to a barbarian "might makes right' insanity.
    Are not 16 years of fascist arrogance and stupidity enough?
    Bill Clinton looks libertarian in comparison ..

  • harland keyvo

    didn't you hillary supporters have the the polls on your side like 5 or 6 years ago and what happened? didn't you hillary supporters think you had this thing wrapped up for years before the election and what happened? obamas election was not a mistake, his win was the result of demographic change and if hillary runs against the likes of either deval patrick or cory booker in 2016 then she will lose again, because hardcore liberals would not vote for her in iowa nor would us black voters vote for her in south carolina primary.

    so please don't drink kool aid AGAIN.

    let hillary retire and go on.

  • TurboKitty

    I'm very surprised that no one has even mentioned the possibility of Elizabeth Warren ... I want the GOP to quake in their boots, not to nominate Republican-lite. Elizabeth Warren not only scares the pants off Wall St., she terrifies the GOP, with good reason. That would be my choice for 2016, Elizabeth Warren.