North Carolina GOP proposal: Make couples wait 2 years before getting divorce. Time to apply that to gun purchases.


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Here we go again, Republicans making their priorities clear, thereby making even more obvious what really matters to their party. In North Carolina, a couple of GOP legislators want to make it tougher for couples living in the state to get divorced.

Riffing on KagroX's suggestion for a moment, imagine replacing the word "divorce" with the word "gun permit" and the word "couple" with "individuals."

But since the sanctity of marriage and being forced to remain in a failed relationship is more important than saving the lives of gun victims, similar legislation for weapon ownership isn't on the Republican agenda.

The News & Observer is reporting that the so-called "Healthy Marriage Act" would add a year to the current one-year waiting period required before a divorce is finalized:

During that time, the couple would have to complete courses on improving their communications skills and conflict resolution.

Another requirement would be that either spouse would have to have lived in North Carolina for six months before filing. Again, substitute key words that would apply to gun safety.

 imagine that

Here's my favorite excerpt, but I can't get this one to fit the gun analogy:

It would also strike from the current law a provision that says “isolated incidents of sexual intercourse” don’t count against the one-year waiting period. It’s not clear if that means an occasional fling with your estranged partner does count against you...

So if we're going to continue to play the replace-the-word game, there would be no exceptions for "isolated incidents of shooting someone" or "occasional murders don't count against you." That wouldn't end well.

game over you and friends are dead