Native American state rep to KS official, former Romney advisor: "When you mention illegal immigrant, I think of all of you."

Native American Rep. Ponka-We Victors (D-Wichita)

Native American Rep. Ponka-We Victors (D-Wichita)

At a a hearing about a Kansas statute that allows children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at public universities, Native American Rep. Ponka-We Victors (D-Wichita) went after anti-immigrant, Secretary of State Kris Kobach. That would be the same Kobach who wrote state laws like SB 1070 in Arizona and another in Alabama.

Via the Topeka Capital-Journal has this stand-out quote from the state representative:

“I think it’s funny Mr. Kobach, because when you mention illegal immigrant, I think of all of you."


How's that shoe feel on the other foot, Mr. Kobach?

Wednesday's hearing on House Bill 2192 would have repealed a nearly 10-year-old statute that allows students who graduate from Kansas high schools and have lived in Kansas for at least three years to pay in-state tuition at state universities and community colleges, regardless of residency status.

Kobach, a lightning-rod for controversy on immigration issues, told the committee federal law conflicts with that statute.

He quote: “U.S. citizens should always come first when it comes to handing out government subsidies.”

Guess whose quote got applause. Hint: It wasn't Kobach's.

As Think Progress notes, Kobach "served as an advisor on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012 and continues to fight for stricter laws in Kansas and around the country."

How's that reachy-outy thing workin' for ya, GOP?

outreach my ass reach out inclusive