Sheriff who told Obama assassination "joke" now compares his critics to Nazis


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What is it with Republicans telling utterly tasteless, often appalling "jokes"?

Often, "humor" is nothing more than an excuse for some racist or misogynistic bottom feeder to express his hostility and then excuse it by saying it was just in good fun.

The most recent "joke" happened at a Massachusetts Republican Party St. Patrick’s Day breakfast and was "met with scattered laughter". Why it even got that response is beyond comprehension. Via Blue Mass Group:

Among the speakers was the Sheriff of Plymouth County, Joe McDonald. He did venture into the tasteless. Here’s what he thought was funny - a joke about assassinating President Obama. ...

McDonald offered a joke about Barack Obama being visited in a dream by three past presidents, who offered advice on how to improve the country. Lincoln’s advice: “Go to the theater.”

Apparently, Sheriff Joe (what is it with vile Republicans named Joe?)  thinks nothing of suggesting that President Obama should be assassinated. What do you want to bet this idiot calls himself "pro-life"?

After getting criticized for his sharp wit and flawless judgment, Think Progress is reporting that he's doubling down. Not only is he standing by what he said, he's justifying it by claiming that the joke is 150 years old... and then compared his critics to Nazis:

The irony of it is, it’s perfectly OK for them [liberals] to make those jokes about President Bush or someone from the other side of the aisle. I can imagine what some of this place comes from not 2013 United States, it’s more like Nazi Germany in 1938.” [...]

The basic concept of it has been around since the Andrew Johnson administration..."

See, if a joke has been around long enough, it stops being offensive. Who knew?

Think Progress noted, "as a public safety official who has taken an oath of office, he is held to a higher standard that some unnamed liberals or political activists of the 1860s."

That would work out better if Sheriff Joe held himself to any standards to begin with.

More details here.


    Please see reply to Linda1961 AND recall . . . 2001:

    Massachusetts Democrat and presidential hopeful SENATOR JOHN KERRY just can't seem to help himself when it comes to telling jokes about GOP leaders dying in office. Tuesday morning on the "Imus in the Morning" show, he unfurled yet another lethal knee-slapper, this time about President Bush's pretzel-choking incident Sunday.

    Imus was closing out the interview when, apropos of nothing, Kerry blurted out, "Is it true that (then-Kennedy assassination prober) Arlen Specter now claims there was a second pretzel?"

    Sensing he was on a roll, Kerry added, "I'm just hoping when I get on an airplane to come back they don't frisk me to see if I have any kind of pretzels."

    In 1989, Sen. Kerry joked to an closed-door audience of Massachusetts businessmen, "the Secret Service is under orders that if Bush is shot, to shoot (Vice President Dan) Quayle."

    He apologized after word of his Quayle assassination joke was leaked to reporters.

    Folks really need to learn how to pay attention to ALL the news if wishing to opine on same. Hope this was helpful!

  • Bob Bobsterus

    John Kerry, October 2006 on Bill Mahers show. Both guys laughed at the
    idea that John would go too 1600 PA Ave and kill the president.
    Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, May 2008, said Cheney should take Bush
    hunting and be a problem solver. There two just off the top of my head.

  • Linda1961

    Notice the "sheriff" failed to mention any specific "jokes" about Bush's assassination; he couldn't even name any anonymous bloggers or commenters on liberal websites making such "jokes," much less elected officials making those "jokes."

  • “The irony of it is, it’s perfectly OK for them [liberals] to make those jokes about President Bush or someone from the other side of the aisle."

    I'm trying to recall when and how many "jokes" were made about Bush's assassination.

    Sure, there were plenty about his verbal gaffes -- but hell, when you commit enough to fill up four books and two websites . . .

  • Good thing they canceled WH tours, the Secret Service will have their hands full with the Un-gents. (As opposed with Nu-gent)

  • What a jackass