VIDEO: Oopsie! Fox-CT's TV coverage of Woman's Day at the Capitol shows mostly women's breasts


fox-CT tv shots women breasts

Women's History Month and Connecticut's Women's Day at the Capitol were reported on with a heaping spoonful of disrespect on Fox-CT, a Fox affiliate.

An apology was issued, but only after the 13 or so seconds of cleavage shots were called out. And to make matters worse, according to HuffPost, the footage was used twice. That was no mistake.

fox tweet apologize for airing breast footage

As for all the achievements that should have been lauded, the timing couldn't have been worse. At about :18, one of the questionable visuals coordinated perfectly with the words "women's accomplishments."

Leave it to Fox.

My Left Nutmeg has details.

H/t: @ceut