The GOP Supreme Court Coup Is the Carbon Monoxide Asphyxiating Democracy


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

The Republicans long ago figured out that the way to have legislative control over the United States is to pack the federal courts. [...]

Recently, we noted how Antonin Scalia's withering disdain for Congress erupted into open contempt and dismissal of the legislative branch in oral arguments over the Voting Rights Act.  [...]

We also noted a short time back how the Republicans control the DC Court of Appeals and have now since the Reagan administration.  Because the DC Court of Appeals hears many of the most important federal cases, it has made a very large number of benchmark decisions that have been essentially legislating from the bench and creating an imbalance of power between the three branches of government (something the majority of 5 on the Rehnquist and Roberts Supreme Courts have excelled at). [...]

Currently the DC Court of Appeals is short four judges because the Republicans won't allow most of Obama's appointments through (holding up some lower court appointments for literally years).  Then they pack the federal benches when there is a Republican president, and the Democrats only rarely block GOP appointments.  [...]

As reported in the New York Times on March 6, "Republicans Block Judicial Nominee’s Confirmation for a Second Time"  [...]

The harm to the Constitution that has been done by the GOP strategic brilliance in manipulating the federal bench is incalculable. [...]

Even if the Democrats proceeded with serious filibuster reform (an up or down vote as the Republicans used to demand), it would literally take decades for the federal bench to be restored to a stance of equilibrium.  That is because the Republican planted judges are so entrenched – with appointments for life – that their investment will pay off for them for years to come.

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