Cartoons of the Day- Who's Buying All The Guns?






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  • Who's buying all the guns is an interesting question.  We have a store locally, an independent that's been around since starting as a war surplus store following WWII.  It's called, simply, Bob's.  It's a terrific store actually, carrying everything from work clothes, dog gear, camping, fishing, hiking gear, and a great housewares department like no other.  And then there's the gun department.  Since Christmastime, when we were hit here in Portland with the Clackamas shooting, then immediately on the heels of that was the Newtown Massacre, you can't even get near the gun counter, and actually have to wind your way through other aisles, because it's 6-7 people deep at the counter, consistently, with the red-neck caricatures all wanting their ammo and guns.  Some getting pretty heated, because they can't get what they want.  I've literally gone back there, for no reason other than to see what's cooking at the gun counter.  It's a fascinating study in my local culture!  

    Then there was the hullaballoo over whether they were price gouging on ammo, all of which went down on their Facebook page.  A private citizen, who paid retail initially from another source, sold that ammo to Bob's.  Bob's, desperate for ammo to supply to the noisy throngs, marked them up the 30% they always mark stuff up.  So, when the ammo was seen priced at retail plus 30, the accusations began to fly.  Mr. Gun Counter Man came unglued after 40 years of "service to his community, as an honest man with impeccable integrity"  to be called a liar and a cheat.  

    They cannot keep the guns in stock, and there's no ammo to be had, as I understand it.  They announced on Facebook that a small shipment of a hundred boxes of a particular ammo would be in by 9 am last Saturday.  They had to hire a local security company to assist with what they knew would be a run.  More than 2000 people showed up trying to get their hands on those 100 boxes!  A local police officer, incidentally, made mention the other day that ammunition had become so expensive and actually so scarce, that the department has on hand 20% of what it normally would maintain....what 100% would be, I have no idea and was afraid to ask.  Get this in a day and place where public budgets are already pinched to the nth degree.  I guess the good news is, less bullets for cops to shoot civilians with.  Oh wait, they shot a guy two weeks a go, emptying an entire magazine into him.  The cop (who I know well), will probably be fired for not exercising fiduciary responsibility - one bullet, if he was a GOOD cop, should have done the job.  But hey, he was out of practice because there's no ammo for the shooting range exercises..........................

    I know I live in a community where the necks are red and the anger seething, but this is getting so far out of hand, I'm actually trying to fight off fear.  I am actually LESS worried about the "actual" criminals that are housed in Mr. B's correctional facility that he runs than I am about the run-of-the-mill red-neck Obama hater.  And I think, at least here, there's way more of them.