Gun lobbyist faces ethics probe after telling state rep, "You just earned yourself another round of mailers."


gun nut inside

The Denver Post has a story up about Coloardo state Rep. Cheri Gerou (R) who filed an ethics complaint against gun lobbyist Joe Neville. She told Neville to "(expletive) off" after demanding that he stop "scaring her constituents" by claiming she was going to support four gun bills that she actually voted against.

The gun lobbyist didn't take too kindly to being told to f*** off and replied, "You just earned yourself another round of mailers in your district." Of course, he interpreted her anger as an attempt to silence Second Amendment supporters.

Apparently his "another round of mailers" sentence broke a rule that says lobbyists must not influence lawmakers "by means of deceit or threat ... or political reprisal."

Gerou is probably grateful Neville didn't whip out a Glock instead.