More gun negligence: Man shoots off tip of finger which then hits mother



itchy trigger finger ouch

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Mother: "Honey, next time you clean your gun, please be more careful! Your finger just hit me smack in the face!"

Son: "Sorry, ma. I didn't think it was loaded."

Mother: "You're grounded!"

Son: "Again? But I wanted to watch the replay of Wayne LaPierre's testimony on CSPAN!"

Mother: "Go straight to your room! But first, get your finger off the floor. Company's coming!"

Per the Des Moines Register, my little dramatization wasn't all that far off. A 22-year-old Des Moine man did, indeed, shoot off the tip of his own finger while cleaning what he thought was an unloaded gun. And his finger flew across the room and hit his mom.

These gun "accidents" are not accidents at all. They're negligence. Gun Guy said he pulled the trigger to make sure his firearm was in good working order, which then fired the round that shot off the tip of his own index finger which in turn collided with his poor mom.

They were lucky. The bullet could have killed one of them.

Kinda puts the term "itchy trigger finger" in a new light.