VIDEO: Texas school worker shot during gun training class

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In the state of Texas this happened, according to a school board member: "There was an accident involving one of the employees today."


This "accident"-- usually in the case of firearms calamities, it's negligence-- occurred during a district-sponsored concealed handgun license class for teachers, because, as you can see, nothing says "safe" like having guns on campuses.

Leslie Goode, a school board member, said this didn't change his mind about arming teachers. Pshyeah, he didn't get shot, but a man who works in the maintenance department sure did.

NBC has more:

The employee from the Van Independent School District had stayed for one-on-one training after class with the concealed handgun license training instructor on Tuesday when a mechanical malfunction with his weapon caused his gun to misfire, NBC affiliate KETK reported. The bullet ricocheted, striking the employee in the left leg; his injury was not life-threatening, the affiliate said.

What if that "malfunction" had happened in the classroom?

And hey! Who needs "bad guys" when the "good guys" shoot themselves?

Here's a bonus L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re “Glendale schools boost security,” Feb. 25

This weekend, Glendale will host its annual gun show at the Civic Auditorium, conveniently located near a skate park, schools and opening-day Little League fields. Seems to me if officials want to take steps to make Glendale schools safer, they could start at the heart of the problem, namely by making it more difficult to get more guns and ammo.

It's not a lack of security in our schools — it's the guns, this country's addiction to them and fear run amok that are threatening our communities.

Maddie Gavel-Briggs

  •  Rocky, I love ya, but please keep your comments shorter. Thanks!

  • Here is proof that even if you think you know firearms things can go wrong. First, this story sounds like it was spun a few times already. A misfire is when a bullet fails to fire, the primer does not detonate the powder in the shell projecting the slug out of the barrel. This weapon in this instance went off somehow, they are not saying, and the bullet could have done much more damage had someone been in direct line of fire.
    For this to happen in Texas where there are probably more guns than people it proves that adding more guns to an already dangerous equation is not the answer. Had this happened during a critical moment, this gentleman would surely have lost his life, the perp might get even more angry and murder more people than he planned. 
    The best way to deal with this situation is common sense. Six month waiting period with an in depth background check paid for by the applicant, register all guns like our automobiles so that if a gun is used in a crime we have a chance to trace it to it's last owner. It will have a history. Close the Gun Show loophole where anyone can buy one or more firearms with no ID, no background check, just cash and carry. Where do you think many of these guns go?
    People with criminal records, records of mental instability, history of domestic violence will automatically be eliminated from purchasing a firearm. Yes, they can buy one illegally but it will be more difficult. most gun violence is committed by someone we know.
    I believe we can make this sacrifice and wait longer, endure a background check and sleep knowing we are trying to save lives. If you are, indeed, a law abiding citizen as we all claim, you have nothing to fear. If you have ever beaten your wife, threatened her or anyone else with violence, the law will prevent you from bringing a lethal weapon into your home ( this raises the possibility of someone in the house being killed or injured by gun violence by 47%.) Those who already own guns must act like adults and keep them locked up and separate from the ammunition. Using a .223 Assault Type Rifle for home defence is rediculous. The .223 will penetrate  1/4" Steel and go through a cement block. You are responsible for where that projectile goes if it leaves your house. If you injure your neighbor you in deep trouble. If you insist on a firearm for home defense a short shotgun will not penetrate walls, unless you are using slugs, which is also risky. Or you can get a dog, an alarm and call the professionals. If , in the worst scenario, you are not prepared to take it all the way and hesitate, you and your family will not survive. People freeze.
    Now let's talk about the 2nd Amendment. I support it, but it was written when the arms were equal, Musket vs Musket. If any on you think you can go against the full weight and power of the United States Government think about Waco, Saddam was going to give us the Mother of all Battles, how did that work out for him? A US Sniper can take you out at 1 1/2 miles and you won't even hear the shot, not to mention drone surveillance and a host of other assets we haven't even heard about. The Amendment also speaks about a WELL REGULATED  militia. That means that regulations may have to be used to insure that the rest of the citizens rights are not impinged. The right to LIFE is the first that comes to mind. So if you mean to place your right to Bear Arms over the right of a 5 year old to a long and happy life, you are not on the right side of the issue.