Video- John McCain Loses It On "Meet the Press" 2/13/12


I'm guessing Grampy needs to check his Depends. There are not enough superlatives to describe what a nasty, vindictive man he is. And he could have been President. Via TP.

  • On this point McCain is right. The lives of four Americans is extremely important, but who cut the funding for their security? The Republican congress that's who, and if John's panties are in a bunch over four Americans, why didn't he open his mouth when 3000 Americans died at their desks in NY when our intelligence agencies had information that Arabs were learning to fly planes as bombs. The airlines were not notified, the flight schools were not notified, Air marshals were not installed on flights to protect the flight crews. Then it took 15 days for that administration to figure out what happened without being encumbered by the red tape of a foreign country, decided it was the Iraqis and ultimately invaded the wrong country costing the American taxpayer Trillions in Blood and Treasure. How did that work out for us?
     I watched those towers crumble from Long Island and I knew Condi Rice's head should have rolled after saying the information they had was vague and then lied about WMD. Instead she was rewarded for lying by getting the SOS post.
    McCain is grandstanding and trying to distract the entire country and waste valuable legislative time re-litigating Benghazi. They only show up 100 days and not all of those are spent voting on legislation. He's an empty suit and a Koch Brothers puppet.

  • Fred Wilder

    The main stream media has been an enabler of Republican lies for 30 years, the out and out right wing bias of the beltway media is beyond redemption.  The three networks are the worst offenders because they pretend to be bland and neutral, hoping we won't notice their bias, their stupidity and their incompetence.