VIDEO: Watch Florida Gov. Rick Scott dance around the issues... literally


You're welcome.

Florida Governor Rick Scott made an appearance at South Pointe Elementary School in Miami Beach where everyone in the room should have simply nodded, smiled, and said, "Please proceed."

Per HuffPo, he was there to announce AT&T's $200,000 investment to the Florida Education Foundation.

Via The Miami Herald:

Scott, at one point, chuckled and said he hoped no one had video...

Too late.

Here is the video, but who needs that when you have a never-ending animated GIF loop of Gov. Rick's version of what looks like really awkward moonwalking? And jumping. Or something.

We haven't seen those kind of moves since George W. Bush entertained us with this:


  •  LOL, sowwy.

  • CANNOT UNSEE. Arrrrrgh. I'm not sure if I have enough wine to wash this from my brain tonight. Thanks a LOT, Laffy. 😉

  • "AT&T is investing in  Florida schools? Let me's not for teachers, or textbooks, or computers."

    Maybe it's for dance lessons for Scott . . .

  • Actually, I kinda like George W. Bush's little dance there. He's much better when he's relaxing and not starting wars. 

  • Sally

    AT&T is investing in  Florida schools? Let me's not for teachers, or textbooks, or computers. It's to make sue AT&T has the monopoly on their phone and internet services for the next decade or so.