Man building homemade bombs arrested in alleged plot to kill CA Dem. lawmaker who pushed anti-assault weapon laws


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So there's a guy who makes bombs who allegedly wanted to kill a San Francisco Democratic senator (Leland Yee) who doesn't like military-style weapons falling into the hands of guys who make bombs. Yes, here we go again, this time involving some Bay Area loon who was threatening to kill Yee if he kept pushing legislation to restrict assault weapons.

And firearms "enthusiasts" still insist on giving three patriotic cheers for these homicidal gun nuts' rights?

Via the L.A. Times:

A Bay Area man who authorities say was building homemade bombs has been arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill a state lawmaker.

Everett Basham, 45, was booked Tuesday on multiple charges, including possession of a manufactured explosive and illegal possession of chemicals used to make explosives.

A loaded handgun was found in the suspect's car, per a CHP spokesman. When they went to his house, they discovered “precursors to homemade explosives.”

So remember, kiddies, if you don't like laws that prevent you doing things your own way, or that stop you from having the weapons you want, shoot the person who makes the laws.

Of course, you first need to make sure that person you want to murder doesn't pack heat or drive a tank or control a drone himself, because the Dorner case dispels the “nutty notion that a citizen can be heavily enough armed to fight off the government”

  • Assault weapons bans have actually worked. However, not every law will ever prevent every crime, obviously.

    We have laws that outlaw bombs, and since this guy had explosives and was booked, that law did indeed work.

    Meantime, your question is meaningless in this case. Apples/oranges: Bomb/guns.

    Regarding gun bans, here you go, some stats:

  • Dorner had no history of mental problems and he was an ex-cop.

    Plus bans don't stop every massacre, but if they stop even one, then they're worth it.

  • So how would a gun ban have stopped him?

  • Should we assume he is just another Pro Life Republican?

  • Sylvia Ahern

    No, no, he was just demonstrating that GUNS don't kill people  (.... bombs kill people)