Video- Bill O'Reilly Blames Public Schools For The "Epidemic Of Disrespect In America"


Wonder if anyone has the cojones to tell him that they're just disrespectful to him because he's such an idiot. Via.

  • Rock Mollica

    Hey Bill, you forgot the key ingredient to good child behavior, parents. Teachers are caught between a rock and a hard place in trying to instill respect in kids who don't respect their parents. It's the parents job to decipline their children, not the school system. It's obvious that that young girl was never taught respect at home. Her life choices tell us much about how she was raised. We cannot expect teachers to stick their necks out when the school board will not back them up, and kids like this one would spit in your face. 
    Many Americans don't make 10 million a year and can't afford to send their kids to Private schools and if you, as a parent, don't expect certain things from your children, what makes you think they will give respect to anyone else. Her parents are responsible, not her school.