If new GOP laws pass, it will literally be easier to legally buy a firearm in Virginia than it will be to vote


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Via Rev. Al Sharpton's Politics Nation:

New legislation passed by Republicans Tuesday is set to further restrict the list of acceptable documents voters may use to cast ballots in Virginia, changing voting rules in Virginia for the second time in just two years.

Andy Marquis, reporter for RACE22.com, is our guest blogger of the day. He used to consider himself a Republican but not any more.  He changed his voter registration to Independent in 2011 and says that’s how it will remain.

Here’s his latest post:

So, a government issued ID is required to vote in Virginia, and was in the last election. President Obama won Virginia, so, now, the Virginia legislature is limiting the forms of government issued identification cards that are acceptable to those with only photo IDs. And they're even considering another bill that even further limits the forms of acceptable ID.

Now, if we use the logic of the gun idiots about the Constitution prohibiting any and all regulation on gun ownership, the Constitution also prohibits any and all regulation on voting rights and anyone over 18 has an ABSOLUTE right to vote.

If these news laws pass, it will literally be easier to legally buy a firearm in Virginia than it will be to vote.

  • This is why a 6 month waiting period, thorough background checks paid for by applicant will help curtail the millions of guns on the streets. We must register our cars, but not firearms? Andy has a very good point about why the GOP caters to gun owners and we all know who votes  these laws are aimed at suppressing, no Republican voters are affected.

  • Andy Marquis

    Essentially, you already have to have a Voter ID card AND another government issued ID to vote in Virginia.  And the forms of acceptable "government issued ID cards" are being restricted.  But, to purchase a firearm in the Commonwealth, all you need is one government issued photo ID and a supporting document verifying your address (it can even be a copy of a piece of mail).

    Why the Republican Party thinks the right to own a weapon designed for the sole purpose of killing is more important than the right to vote is beyond me.  Then again, gun owners tend to vote Republican so it's more important for the GOP to take care of them instead of people who might vote for Democrats.Guess they better rush this one through so TEA Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli can be elected Governor of the Commonwealth.