Missouri bill would mandate NRA-sponsored gun class for all 1st graders


mandate this gop

We all know how Republicans resent any perceived or actual Obama "mandates." They've taken them all the way to the Supreme Court, in fact.

But when it comes to Missouri first graders taking an NRA-sponsored gun safety training course, some in the state Senate say that's hunky dory, and are considering a bill proposing as much. As Think Progress notes, the grant would put a “National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program” instructor in every first grade classroom. 

And whaddya know, that whole "mandates suck" thing went right out the window with Republican Sen. Dan Brown, one of the legislators behind the measure who "hates" mandates. He was against them before he was for them:

Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla, told the Senate General Laws Committee Tuesday that his bill was an effort to teach young children what to do if they come across an unsecured weapon. [...]

“I hate mandates as much as anyone, but some concerns and conditions rise to the level of needing a mandate,” Brown said.

Indeed, "some concerns and conditions" do call for them, like, oh I dunno, providing health care for as many Americans as possible?

However, there are even limits to Republican mandates. Check out what the very same legislators refuse to teach.