VIDEO: "Former missionary" shoots, kills immigrant who gets directed to wrong house by GPS


shoot first ask never


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A 69-year-old war veteran in Gwinnett County, Georgia was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting a 22-year-old Cuban immigrant to death. The group of friends was going ice skating and trying to pick up another friend, but entered the shooter's driveway by mistake.

Their GPS screwed up the directions and they ended up at the wrong address.

The shooter, who reportedly used a .22 caliber pistol, was a former missionary.

The "former missionary" never made any effort to ask questions or speak to the people in the car, he simply started shooting, according to one of the passengers.

Raw Story:

The group, which included a 15 and an 18 year old, said that Sailors held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

Second Amendment remedies strike again.