VIDEO: BIPARTISAN immigration reform announced. The deal is BIPARTISAN. Did I mention it's BIPARTISAN?


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"John McCain has been the glue in our group," oozed Chuck Schumer at the Mutual Admiration Society gathering BIPARTISAN press conference on immigration reform. 

As I tweeted earlier, let the jokes begin.

And of course, we can be assured that good ol' self-promoting McCain will be on every Sunday talk show... again. After all, he needs to stay relevant, and besides, we just can't get enough of him.

Oh, but I kid John Sidney McCain.

Here is the BIPARTISAN proposal. Did I mention it was BIPARTISAN?

And why do I keep using caps when I type the B word? Because at the presser, they must have used it a million times. Okay, not a million, a thousand.

In fact, it's so BIPARTISAN that Rep. Marsha Blackburn immediately appeared on MSNBC to declare her opposition to "amnesty."

 I'll post the entire video here when it becomes available.

UPDATE: The U.S. Border Is More Secure Than Ever Before

Here are two videos that add up to the entire presser: