VIDEO-- Dianne Feinstein: I will have the chance to bring assault weapons ban up for vote. "The NRA is venal."



Senator Dianne Feinstein on CNN's "State of the Union":

"This has always been an uphill fight. This has never been easy. This is the hardest of the hard. Now, will it only be assault weapons? No, most likely. There will be a package put together. If assault weapons is left out of the package ... I've been assured by the majority leader I'll be able to do it as an amendment on the floor, which is the way I did it in 1993."

"We do have support, don't mistake it."

"I concede [it's a very tough road] because the NRA is venal. They come after you. They put together large amounts of money to defeat you. They did this in '93 and they intend to continue it."

Then Candy Crowley actually questioned Feinstein on whether or not the NRA is venal. After which she defended children using guns. Come on, Candy, seriously?

Please watch the entire video.

So now, as Feinstein-- who happens to be my senator-- said, she has Harry Reid's word (uh huh) that even if the assault weapons ban doesn't end up in the gun legislation, she will still get to bring it up an amendment:

(Reuters) - The senator leading the charge to revive a assault weapons ban conceded on Sunday, just days before hearings on gun control open, that winning Senate passage will be tough but said she has been assured she will have the chance to bring it up for a vote.

Sadly, we can't be exactly sure what "assured" means coming from Harry Reid these days.